Top 10 Recruiting Metrics HR Should Care About

For 2017, we are ringing in the year of analytics! Knowing what to measure and when to measure it is going to define your HR team as a crucial addition to the company’s success.

Gone are the days of simply posting job opportunities on your company website, and hoping for the best. Building a strategy, being smarter about where you are finding candidates, and knowing how effective your recruiters are will determine the future of your organization’s talent.

When it comes to recruiting, there are dozens of metrics that you could report on, but with help from a quick survey to our audience of HR professionals, we have picked out just the top ten to focus on this year.


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Consulting Firm Webinar Series

Managing your Consulting Firm for Growth. REGISTER HERE

Your consultants, the lifeblood of your firm, are a mobile workforce who need to input & access project and client information from wherever their business takes them. Are you giving them the tools they need to be successful anywhere, anytime?

Register today for Deltek’s Managing Your Consulting Firm for Growth webinar series to gain insights on how a more mobile platform can help your firm achieve client-focused service, increase resource utilization and drive project–level profitability. With a more flexible, mobile work environment, you’ll keep your consultants happy, and be able to bill clients faster.



Business Development Webinar

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When you think of business development, what comes to mind? Exciting, riveting and motivating? Not likely…more often you think frustrating, complicated, necessary evil. But why? And how can you get excited about chasing the win again? According to the SMPS Foundation’s latest research study, business development for A/E/C has become a highly specialized discipline.

Join us for a free webinar on July 23 at 11:00 a.m. ET and learn about the most common pain points of business development and ways to improve the process, making the project pursuit fun again. Participants will learn how firms can collaborate better, work smarter and win more work without creating more work, headaches and angst for business development, marketing and project managers.


iAccess for Deltek Vision Webinar

Do More with Deltek iAccess for Vision. Download the Webinar HERE

Your pipeline and projects are only helpful if you have accurate data. And, you need the people with the right information to engage with the right tools for a more holistic view of your business. But, how do you get busy principals, project managers and marketing teams to update their opportunity and project information?

Introducing Deltek iAccess for Vision – putting information at your fingertips anywhere, anytime you have an internet connection.

Deltek iAccess for Vision includes:

  • NEW Business Development workspace for managing clients, contacts and opportunities on the go (available for Vision CRM users)
  • Enhanced Project Management workspace so you can monitor projects and identify problems before it’s too late
  • Improved Employee workspace makes it easier to keep timesheets and expense reports up to date from anywhere

Webinar: Build A Better A&E Firm

Build A Better A&E Firm: Mastering Resource Planning Webinar. REGISTER HERE

Mastering Resource Planning is a significant challenge for architecture and engineering firms. It requires understanding the skills required, the internal and external resource needs, the project budget, time frames, and available capacity. Mastering resource planning will help you maximize profitability, optimize utilization and deliver more successful projects. This webinar shows how!

Join the A&E experts from Deltek and One Source Consulting to learn how to:

  • Move from weekly to more effective short- and long-term planning
  • Resolve conflicts before they happen
  • Proactively identify opportunities to improve skills and expertise

You’ll also hear how Dyer Brown Architects and Waldon Studio Architects have successfully transformed their resource planning processes.


Deltek Vision CRM Demo

Deltek Vision CRM Live Demonstration and Q&A. REGISTER HERE

Designed specifically for project-focused businesses, Deltek Vision Customer Relationship Management (CRM) makes it possible for everyone in your organization to work together to meet your clients’ needs. By automating client and opportunity management, you can gain a competitive edge, win more business and increase client satisfaction.

Register for a live demonstration of how Vision CRM uniquely meets the needs of professional services firms, including:

  • Client, contact and opportunity management to fill the pipeline
  • Marketing campaigns and activities to convert leads and nurture client relationships
  • Touch CRM and a future Business Development Workspace
  • Integrated Vision Proposals module to automate proposal creation in Adobe InDesign or Word
  • Integration with GovWin IQ, Deltek’s public sector intelligence solution for AEC firms
  • Time-saving Connect for Microsoft Outlook application that links Vision with Microsoft Outlook
  • Future releases of Deltek Vision CRM

Join our experts to learn more about how Deltek Vision CRM can improve your marketing and business development so you can win more.


Vision Resource Planning Webinar

Vision Resource Planning Live Demo and Q&A. REGISTER HERE

For project-based businesses, nothing is more important than your resources. But, often times firms use multiple, fragmented systems that leads to frustrated staff, overbooked or underutilized staff, and time-consuming data management. This all results in projects that are late and over budget.

Deltek Vision Resource Planning and iAccess are the first fully-integrated project management solutions that automate scheduling, budgeting, forecasting and resource management into a single, easy-to-use system. Project managers will have real-time visibility into projects and can work together across projects, departments and offices to best leverage resources and meet client deadlines.

Join us for a live demonstration of how Vision Resource Planning, combined with the power of iAccess, can help your project managers quickly and more effectively manage their projects. Easily identify potential areas of risk or opportunities to exceed deadlines or budgets to improve profitability and overall client satisfaction.


Deltek Vision Performance Management

Deltek Vision Performance Management Live Demonstration and Q&A. REGISTER HERE

Most firms strive to set strategic direction, monitor performance, make adjustments, make effective decisions, provide a feedback loop and measure the results. But, how do you do it effectively? How can you take your strategic plans and monitor your progress so you can quickly and effectively make the necessary adjustments for your business to thrive instead of just survive?

This demonstration shows how Deltek and Vision Performance Management (VPM) give you the right tools and data to make the right decisions for your business. With VPM, you can proactively improve performance and mitigate risks across the entire organization. See how your firm can move beyond financial reporting to a more comprehensive view of strategic and operational indicators that creates better alignment and improves your organization’s ability to compete.