Six Ways Project–Based ERP Can Make a Difference

If your company is a project-based business then it’s a great idea to use an ERP system to establish business rules that will enforce critical processes. In-turn your system will help seamlessly flow accurate and timely information between the different business functions.

You may be wondering if ERP is the right solution for your company. Download the Six Ways Project-Based ERP Can Make a Difference Whitepaper to learn how ERP can help you see what’s going on with your corporate and project financial information so you can make informed decisions.

Highlights Include:

  • Winning more deals
  • Using resources more effectively
  • Generating higher profits
  • Boosting your revenue and cash flow
  • Making compliance automatic
  • Gaining visibility and taking control

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Employee Loyalty. A thing of the past?

In past decades, regardless of industry, people only searched for a job when they needed one. They would stay in one place for their entire career and were incredibly loyal. However, in today’s world, people are, more open than ever to opportunities outside their existing employment. In fact, research from CareerBuilder suggests that by age 35, a quarter of workers have held five jobs or more.

So, what does this mean for the consulting industry, is employee loyalty a thing of the past?


Talent in Consulting

As we know, the consulting industry is battling a shortage of talent. As a result, it is an employee’s market as opposed to an employer’s market.

In addition, with the digital revolution underway, the new generation of workers bring valuable and in-demand digital skills to the consulting industry. This talent is not only being chased by your competitors, it’s also considering moving jobs frequently for the right opportunity. In this competitive context, how do you keep your employees loyal?

”The next generation of students are very digitally aware. Attracting and retaining them requires digital dexterity.”
Partner, FTSE Top 100 consulting firm (Consulting Industry Snapshot 2016)

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Mandela Day 2016

Silversoft Proudly sponsored Afrika Tikkun event at Wanderers Stadium for Mandela Day. It was wonderful to see so many talented kids who are supported by Afrika Tikkun dancing and playing different sports. It was a great experience for the Silversoft Team.

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How to Win the War for Talent

Retention of the Right Talent

“We are a people business” is a consistent message from professional services executives around the world. When asked about factors contributing to their firm’s success, time and time again we hear things like:

• “Your ‘people’ strategy must be aligned with the ‘business’ strategy”

• “Give your talent the authority to do good work”

• “You must have talented people who care, and low turnover to ensure firm success”

It goes without saying, people with the knowledge to drive performance and productivity within your company enable your firm to succeed and grow. They are indeed your competitive advantage. So, doesn’t it make sense, as a senior manager within your firm, to spend a significant amount of time identifying and implementing meaningful ways to attract, manage, and retain your current and future talent?

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Digital Transformation in the Professional Services Industry

Professional services firms need to understand both how their customers can benefit from a digital transformation, as well as how to leverage new technologies to revitalise their own services.

Deltek has partnered with IDC to develop a guide on how firms can embrace digital technologies in order to be more proactive in the market and win more business.

Report highlights include:

  • Overview of Europe’s digital transformation
  • In-depth review of how technology can support business innovation
  • Analysis of change management strategies when transforming the IT service delivery model.

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Cloud Computing – Beyond the Basics – INFOGRAPHIC


Learn the basics you should know about Cloud Computing and Software as a Service in this Infographic.




Learn to the top 5 tips that will help you Hire Top Talent Effortlessly such as:

  • Actively manage candidates through the Hiring Process
  • Have a strong Employer Branding
  • Show you can provide Career Development Opportunities
  • Don’t forget the Onboarding process

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The start of 2016 has given the architectural community plenty to smile about.

There is obviously a lot to feel optimistic about in architecture at the moment, like everything, practices are likely to face their fair share of issues in the coming year.

Thankfully, with a bit of planning and preparation, it’ll be possible to weather the storms and ride on a continued wave of prosperity well into 2017.

So what are the potential issues and how can you tackle them?

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5 Top Trends of a Successful Consulting Firm

What does the Future Hold for Consultancies? These are the trends you should be taking advantage of if you want to continue to succeed.


Consultancy is a client driven industry. As clients’ needs transition, consultancy offerings must transition with them. Over the last ten years, particularly since the global recession of 2008, the only constant has been change. Consultancies have seen their clients adapt their business models to respond to changes in legislation (banking, financial services), or developments in technology and digital (retail, entertainment) clients expec their consultancies to help them weather these transitions, and this trend will only continue.

The way that consultancies respond to and manage these demands, whilst still maintaining margins and increasing profitability, can make all the difference. Not simply for survival, but for growth over the coming years. So how can you future proof your consultancy?

This eGuide looks at current and coming trends in the consultancy industry, and what you can do to take advantage of them. Download eGuide below:




Strong Capacity & Resource Planning lead to a great payoff for your business. Learn how in 4 simple steps!

What is Capacity and Resource Planning?

The ultimate payoff of good capacity and resource planning (CRP) is a greater overview of and control over your business, but to reach that,  you first need a strong foundation for truly effective project and resource planning.

CRP as a business application is not the end, but the means, to an overall goal of controlling and having a greater overview of your projects and people. Simply put, with good CRP, you can utilize  your resources, and run projects the way you plan them to run.

Download this Whitepaper to learn the 4 Simple Steps!