Align Talent Management with your Business Objectives

Why PS Firms Should Align Talent Management with Business Objectives.

As a business leader of a professional services firm, you’ll already know the value of a talented workforce. Skilled employees that are enthused and engaged will finish projects on time, generate margins and retain clients – all of which are vital ingredients for business growth.

With high-flying talent so valuable – and so scarce – you’ll therefore want to do everything you can to hold onto your best people and get the best out of your team.

But is your talent management programme effective enough? Is it taking into account the ‘bigger picture’?

Common mistakes

If your firm has a high staff turnover, or if it suffers from low customer retention and tight margins, then it may be that your talent management strategy is letting you down.

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Resource Planning for Dummies Webinar Series – Trends & Benefits – Webinar Recording

Trends and Benefits of Resource Planning

Changes and advances in the world of project and resource management are sure to have a significant impact on today’s project‐based businesses. If you don’t keep up with the trends, your competitors may pass you by, and the best talent might pick up and go work somewhere else.  In Part 1 of the Resource Planning for Dummies webinar series, we shine a spotlight on trends in project and resource management and explain how technology can help you better manage the project-based world of today and tomorrow.

Key highlights include:

  • Understand the value of effective resource management
  • Explore how you can use data to win and succeed in today’s competitive environment
  • Discover how to employ resource planning throughout the project lifecycle to increase the likelihood of project success and keep employees happy and engaged

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Resource Planning for Dummies eBook

Discover how you can get the right people, on the right projects, at the right time to drive enhanced profitability for your business.


Successful and profitable projects, happy clients, and happy employees. That’s what you want from your organization, right? You want successful and profitable projects that are managed with a seamless process, you need visibility into problems before they became real issues, and you’ve got to have it all on time and on budget.

In this picture of perfection, those on‐time and on‐budget projects create happy clients. These projects are completed by employees who are happy because they’ve been assigned projects that fit their specific skills, experience, and aspirations, employees who aren’t overbooked or under‐scheduled, who have visibility into their upcoming work and enjoy smooth transitions on and off projects. It’s a wonderful equation: happy employees + happy customers = successful projects.

Successful projects lead to winning more work, and that in turn creates a successful organization. That’s nirvana! Many organizations, unfortunately, only dream of this nirvana. Most wake up to big challenges related to managing their projects. Many use multiple systems to track progress, and they suffer when it comes to scheduling, budgeting, and resourcing. They can’t find the right people to assign to the projects, so they have to compromise. They can’t figure out why billing is declining, they struggle to accurately forecast revenue and profitability for proposals and actual projects, they can’t seem to hire the right people fast enough, some of their resources are over‐utilized some are underutilized — and they’re tracking this nightmare using spreadsheets.

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PSMJ Deltek Webinar: M&A Trends and Practices in the A/E/C Industry – Webinar Recording

In today’s hyper-competitive A/E/C business climate, it may sometimes seem like mergers and acquisitions are happening all around you. Competitors are joining forces to create a stronger brand, the mega-firms keep getting larger, and mid-sized firms are trying to grow from a vulnerable position.

With record numbers of Baby Boomers planning their exit, M&A activity is hot right now, but the risk is great, and opportunities for a million-dollar mistake are everywhere. Perhaps you are actively developing or executing an M&A growth strategy. Maybe you are exploring the notion of an external sale of your own firm. Or, you might just be wondering how other firms make mergers and acquisitions look so easy…when it seems to be anything but easy!

Whatever your current M&A appetite is, don’t miss this FREE webinar with Karl Wohler of PSMJ’s M&A team on Thursday, September 29 from 1:30 – 2:30 pm ET. Karl will take a brief pause from advising our clients on their M&A efforts to share with you some first-hand insight on how transactions are coming together right now.

By joining us for this value-packed webinar, you learn…
• The latest trends in valuation and transaction structures
• Key questions you must ask yourself before talking to a prospective buyer or seller
• How private equity’s interest in the A/E/C space is changing
• The right (and wrong) ways to find quality acquisition targets
• The most common M&A mistakes (and how to avoid them)
• And much more!

If you are a CEO, CFO, COO, and/or involved in M&A, then you can’t afford to miss this FREE webinar.

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Incentive Compensation – The Key to Higher Profits – Webinar Recording

Today, finding and retaining top talent is more important than ever. More and more firms are providing lucrative benefits packages to ensure the best in the business want to be there and stay there.

Join A&E industry expert Herb Cannon for the free webinar to discover the importance of incentive compensation at your firm and the most effective ways architecture and engineering firms can provide this benefit. This presentation will offer insights into the motivations, prerequisites, and suggested distributions of the most successful incentive compensation plans.

Highlights include:

  • Typical motivations for incentive compensation
  • Pre-requisites to an effective program
  • Suggested distributions for plan calculations
  • How to implement a successful plan
  • What to expect after your plan is implemented

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3 Steps to Winning Top Talent

In today’s competitive climate, hiring companies must leverage new processes to attract the right
candidates. You must attract talent through appealing career sites, actively manage candidates through
your internal hiring process and quickly onboard them into your organization.

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Harness Every Detail for Growth

Forecast the Right Resources

Make Every Project Profitable