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Retaining Talent to Ensure Future Growth

With an increasingly agile workforce and the tendency of millennials to move quickly to new opportunities, retaining top talent is a complex challenge facing most organizations today. High performing companies realize that their future growth depends on their ability to retain their best talent.

In this short video, Paul Hammerman, Vice President and Principal Analyst of Forrester Research, covers four basic strategies organizations can employ to build a better culture and provide employees the incentives they need to keep them from walking out the door.

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10 Ways Resource Planning Can Help You Win

Watch On Demand: Resource Planning for Dummies Webinar Series

Changes and advances in the world of project and resource management are sure to have a significant impact on today’s project‐based businesses. If you don’t keep up with the trends, your competitors may pass you by, and the best talent might pick up and go work somewhere else.  In Part 1 of the Resource Planning for Dummies webinar series, we shine a spotlight on trends in project and resource management and explain how technology can help you better manage the project-based world of today and tomorrow.

Key highlights include:

  • Understand the value of effective resource management
  • Explore how you can use data to win and succeed in today’s competitive environment
  • Discover how to employ resource planning throughout the project lifecycle to increase the likelihood of project success and keep employees happy and engaged

Date: Thursday 08 December, 2016.

Time:  6PM (South Africa) 11AM EST US

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