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Project Information Management Demonstration

Join us for a 30-minute demonstration showcasing the different areas of Deltek’s Project Information Management solution designed specifically for architecture, engineering, and construction firms. Here you’ll learn how Deltek PIM’s simple processes will help streamline your business, improve project profitability, and provide more time for creative endeavors. Highlights include: What is PIM and why do […]


Webinar: The State of the Architecture and Engineering Industry 2018

In this webinar, PSMJ’s David Burstein, will present his findings on the current state of the architecture and engineering industries and his thoughts on the future of these industries. This presentation will include rich analysis of a variety of factors impacting the future performance of project based businesses with some of the most comprehensive research that […]


Webinar Series: White Board Wednesdays for Project Management

WBW Series: Heal My Reporting Woes! Raise your hand if you feel like it takes forever to manually create, post and print project reports – either for your customer or internal use. Your hand is up? Well then join us for this week’s White Board Wednesday to see how Deltek can help heal your reporting […]


How To Make Time Recording Easier With Project ERP

Timesheets. A thorn in the side of every professional services firm and worker alike. From the company’s point of view they are fundamental when it comes to reclaiming that all important revenue. From the employee’s point of view, they are a tedious process that distracts them from the job they love. With your business’s profitability at […]

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Free Webinar Recording: Focusing on Predictive Analytics for HR

Where other functions of an organization deal in profits, sales growth, forecasts and strategic planning, the HR function is responsible for employee well-being, engagement and motivation. Such concerns do not immediately conjure up images of analytical know-how, even though in reality the management of such things often requires a lot of measurement and technical skill. […]


Webinar: Annual AEC Business Planning and Budgeting Made Easy

Register Below!   It’s that time of the year again! Time to break out the spreadsheets and start planning for next year’s budget and business plan. But where do you even start? Join PSMJ’s Dave Burstein as he walks us through the many pitfalls of the annual budget process and the best ways to plan […]