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Webinar: How to Avoid Death by KPI

Many companies use key performance indicators (KPIs) to keep tabs on a project throughout its lifecycle. But too often the KPIs a company chooses are not helpful when it comes to tracking integrity, progress or performance. Some track too many, some track too few. Join us to learn how you can ensure your business is tracking […]


Watch On Demand: 5 Tips for Increasing the Effectiveness of a Project Management Office (PMO)

The Project Management Office (PMO) is an essential function for project and program success. And organizations with established PMO approaches have shown drastic increases in success as measured by key performance indicators. Join us to learn five tips for increasing the effectiveness of a PMO, and how it can provide added control to an organization. […]

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On Demand Webinar: Basics of HR

This webinar will touch some of the basics of HR and what their perspective is as well as how this fits into some of the needs of talent acquisition. Watch a high level summary of the recruitment process and latest trends. Register here to watch the Webinar


Watch On Demand Webinar: Take Project Success to the Next Level with Acumen Enterprise

Deltek is pleased to release a new product in the Acumen suite! This enterprise solution aligns owner/contractor processes and expectations by providing a single, centralized repository for storing, evaluating and benchmarking project schedules and updates. Now, all project stakeholders can work from the same set of criteria, and reviews, approvals, and updates happen automatically. Join […]


On Demand Webinar: Three Big Opportunities for AEC Firm Profitability

Three Big Opportunities for AEC Firm Profitability Generally speaking, professional services firms have subpar profitability. They should be able to operate in excess of 20% return on net, but are held back by some combination of a consistent set of problems. This short online seminar, will cover the three largest opportunities for improvement by increasing […]

On Demand Webinar: Maximizing Your Talent with Skills and Competency Tracking

Register below As project-based organizations struggle to identify and attract the right talent for upcoming initiatives, managing and reporting on skills and competencies becomes especially critical for a successful talent management strategy. Whether you are identifying talent within current employees or searching for new candidates with a specific skillset for your next project, keeping skills […]

Gartner Report: The Tide is Shifting to Project-Based ERP & PSA

Gartner Report: The Tide is Shifting to Project-Based ERP & PSA. Why Services Firms must move to integrated, industry specific solutions. In the past, professional services firms were forced to choose enterprise software systems built for manufacturers and distributors with bolt-on applications that were never truly integrated. Clearly, that’s not the ideal solution for services […]

Project Information Management Demonstration

Join us for a 30 minute demonstration showcasing the different areas of Deltek’s Project Information Management solution designed specifically for architecture, engineering, and construction firms. Here you’ll learn how Deltek PIM’s simple processes will help streamline your business, improve project profitability, and provide more time for creative endeavors. Highlights include: What is PIM and why […]