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Deltek Vision Asset Management Online Webinar

Introducing Deltek Vision Asset Management  Do you manage your fixed assets with the same precision as you manage your projects and people? Do you know where your assets are and what they are currently worth? And, are your assets performing as needed for your firm? It’s time to take control of your assets with the […]

How to Improve Utilization

Professional Services organisations have a lot of unique features but standard business truths still apply. The more clearly your company grasps the billable hours it has spent with a client and the more assiduously it invoices, the more profitability will increase. Find out how you can improve your profit margins, boost staff retention rates and […]

How to prepare for growth

As the global economy recovers there will be many opportunities to exploit the favorable market conditions. This eGuide compiles insightful blogs and leading expert views on the things to consider before embarking on a program of rapid growth in your consulting firm. Before you grow your consulting firm, this eBook will give you insightful articles […]

5 steps to improving your project profitability

There are many variables to consider when planning out a large project. It’s crucial to your firm’s profitability that everything from the budgeting to the resourcing is managed properly. A step-by-step budget baseline will help you monitor how much the project costs, if it is on budget and how much has been spent on material resources versus […]

Earned Value Management for Dummies

Earned value management (EVM) is not just for corporations and government contractors. It is for all kinds of organizations that have projects to plan and need to deliver those projects on time and on budget. Deltek’s special edition EVM for Dummies is an excellent first step for any project professional considering the implementation of EVM […]

Integrated Program Management for Dummies

Learn how to use integrated program management (IPM) to plan and run your projects and programs more effectively and profitably! IPM is an excellent approach for just about any organization whose existence revolves around landing and completing projects. IPM exists to plan, analyze and monitor projects or programs through an integrated system, rather than some […]

Planning a Great Project for Dummies

You’ve got the most powerful, up-to-date project planning and management tools. So why are projects continually behind schedule and over budget? The solution is in your hands! This helpful book spells out a five-part process for creating schedules that are well-formed, risk-adjusted, and optimized, leading to more realistic and achievable project plans. Build a sound […]

Organizational Change Management for Dummies

Your guide to ensuring a project’s success by managing change Change happens, and these days it seems to happen more frequency and dramatically than ever. Organizations successfully change by integrating people, processes and technology seamlessly. This book offers helpful steps for ensuring that your people embrace change not because they have to, but because they […]

Project Manufacturing for Dummies

If you’re in the manufacturing business and your work is driven by project requirements, you can’t miss this book. Cover project manufacturing basics, understand the value of going paperless, and discover how a total manufacturing system will help your overall business. Highlights include: Communicate more effectively. Integrate your project-based ERP, project management, and manufacturing systems […]