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Companies in Motion: What You Can Learn From These Growing Organisations

By Ananya Kripalani, Senior Analyst, Enterprise, EMEA // August 05, 2014 From Blog   Projects in Motion The Professional Services sector has seen encouraging growth over the last few years. Firms across the consulting, architecture and engineering and legal have seen their level of business and headcount increase as its fastest pace since 2007. So how […]

Will Reducing Working Hours Increase Productivity?

During the last year, Swedish companies have been introducing the six hour working day and one company in the UK has decided to take the same approach – spurred on by a challenge from BBC’s The One Show. The six hour working day concept is designed to increase productivity and give employees a better work […]

The Most important 4 KPIs every CFO needs to Measure

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will vary from business to business and industry to industry. The metrics that matter to a Manufacturing business will not necessarily matter to an Accounting practice. When determining KPIs for your business, it’s important to assess your core activity and understand what you need to measure in order to measure your […]

2016 Snapshot of the Architecture Industry

At first glance, many may say that the architectural industry is in an enviable situation right now. But in reality, even in times of potential prosperity, ‘getting it right’ is a fine balancing act. Find out how your peers are converting opportunities into growth. Download Ebook below

5 Tips to Improve Your Productivity at Work

According to a survey by CIPD, a third of businesses don’t measure their productivity. Many of those that do measure it appear in practice to be thinking about business performance more generally. What is productivity? Productivity is the work generated by companies and their employees with the resources they have. It is thought that, in […]

How to manage People, Projects, and Profitability

In the business world everyone answers to someone and will at times face difficult questions. Even when things are going smoothly in your business often drill down questions can be difficult. Nobody wants to stand in front of their superior facing questions they can’t answer. In professional services companies, your business is all about People, […]

The New Normal: Restoring Profitability

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO PRACTICE LAW IN “THE NEW NORMAL”? Simply put, it means lawyers will no longer be able to achieve financial success while operating with sloppy or ineffective business practices. For years, too many law firms have gotten by with marginal or inadequate management practices. The practice of law is both a […]


Top Considerations for Adopting an A&E Industry Specific Accounting Platform

The Limitations of Generic Accounting Systems Generic accounting software programs, such as QuickBooks, fall short on providing the functionality that A&E firms require to be successful. This paper discusses the limitations of generic accounting systems and why A&E firms are moving to A&E Industry Specific solutions to help grow their business and increase profitability. Download […]

Get To Know Your Business. Find Tips For Using Real-Time Data To Grow

Over the coming weeks, experts from the consultancy world will be looking at how businesses can face up to the challenges of transitioning client needs in an evolving marketplace. They will be exploring the many economic challenges that companies face and sharing opinions and guides with valuable insights, designed to help companies overcome them. In […]