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What Your Project Schedule Isn’t Telling You

The project schedule is one of the most critical factors in project success. It can also be the source of scheduling pitfalls that can negatively impact project execution. But, how do you know if your project is keeping secrets? The key is project visibility. In this free white paper, What Your Schedule Isn’t Telling You, […]

2017 IT Consulting Industry Snapshot

Learn how to offer a well-rounded, business-focused service that demonstrates significant value to your clients. The 2017 IT Consulting Industry Snapshot discusses the industry’s evolution into business consulting as well as key trends impacting the workplace today. Also included are tangible solutions designed to empower consultants and satisfy clients. In this report, you will find […]

2017 Architecture and Consulting Engineering Industry Snapshot

Learn how to combat uncertainty in the architecture and consulting engineering industries, and tackle 2017 with confidence and optimism. In the 2017 Architecture and Consulting Engineering Industry Snapshot, you will read about the juxtaposition of industry uncertainty alongside cautious optimism as how to succeed in 2017. Key points include: The global impact of political events […]

The True Cost of Project Delay

For major capital expenditure projects, every day late equates to thousands of dollars lost. In fact, for an average size project, even a 10% overrun can lead to a $5 million blow to project profitability. Extrapolate this out to the average 20-30% delay that most projects report and you are looking at a significant loss […]

Preparing For Your First EVM Contract

So you put in a bid for a contract that has earned value management (EVM) requirements, and surprise you won! Now what? You have a short window to implement the tools you’ll need to support EVM, so the pressure is on. Wouldn’t it have been easier to control your destiny and plan out the implementation […]

Business Fit Overview: Secrets of the Top Performing Professional Services Firms

Find out how to get your business fit for success. The leading companies in the professional services (PS) sector are growing faster than the rest. So, what are they doing that the others aren’t? The 2016 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark survey identified 52 elite performers from the 258 participating independent management and IT consultancies. These firms […]

Resource Planning eBook

It’s time to take your Resource Planning Seriously! In today’s highly competitive business world, the need for efficient resource management is greater than ever. In professional services companies like Consulting Firms, planning resources allows organizations to manage projects more efficiently, reduce overruns and avoid staff burnout. Download the eBook below to learn the 7 Signs […]