Webinar: How to Avoid Death by KPI

Many companies use key performance indicators (KPIs) to keep tabs on a project throughout its lifecycle. But too often the KPIs a company chooses are not helpful when it comes to tracking integrity, progress or performance. Some track too many, some track too few.

Join us to learn how you can ensure your business is tracking the ‘right’ metrics and building successful schedules. We’ll cover common scheduling pitfalls, planning best practices, and which KPIs provide actionable information that keep a project on track for project, and profit, success.

Key highlights include:

  • How to find the root of project problems using the right KPIs
  • The top proven project planning best practices
  • Tips for incorporating cost and risk-based metrics
  • How to make better decisions with project benchmarking

Watch On Demand: 5 Tips for Increasing the Effectiveness of a Project Management Office (PMO)

The Project Management Office (PMO) is an essential function for project and program success. And organizations with established PMO approaches have shown drastic increases in success as measured by key performance indicators.

Join us to learn five tips for increasing the effectiveness of a PMO, and how it can provide added control to an organization.

Key highlights include:

  • The basic methodologies behind a PMO
  • An overview of the different types of PMOs and how to find the best fit for your organization
  • Key trends in project management that are driving greater efficiency and effectiveness of PMOs at organizations of all sizes
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On Demand Webinar: Basics of HR

This webinar will touch some of the basics of HR and what their perspective is as well as how this fits into some of the needs of talent acquisition. Watch a high level summary of the recruitment process and latest trends.

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Watch On Demand Webinar: Take Project Success to the Next Level with Acumen Enterprise

Deltek is pleased to release a new product in the Acumen suite! This enterprise solution aligns owner/contractor processes and expectations by providing a single, centralized repository for storing, evaluating and benchmarking project schedules and updates. Now, all project stakeholders can work from the same set of criteria, and reviews, approvals, and updates happen automatically.

Join us to learn firsthand how this tool can help your organization:

  • Save time
  • Enforce schedule quality rules
  • Provide unprecedented project insight

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Talent Management Full Suite Demo Webinar

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Join Silversoft’s HR Expert Kathryn Gordon for a look at the latest trends facing HR in 2018 and a full demonstration of the Deltek Talent Unified Software to see how your firm can:

• Decrease the time it takes to find qualified candidates
• Create an onboarding process to get your new hires settled into their new jobs effectively and efficiently
• Automate your performance review process with more meaningful goals and results
• Develop your employee through career goals and continued learning
• Retain your top talent with personalised career paths and succession planning

Webinar Details:

Date: Thursday 19th October, 2017

Time: 10 AM to 11 AM

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On Demand Webinar: Three Big Opportunities for AEC Firm Profitability

Three Big Opportunities for AEC Firm Profitability

Generally speaking, professional services firms have subpar profitability. They should be able to operate in excess of 20% return on net, but are held back by some combination of a consistent set of problems. This short online seminar, will cover the three largest opportunities for improvement by increasing utilization, reducing overhead costs, and improving pricing.

PSMJ’s Brian P. Flynn has studied the economic performance of professional services firms for over thirty years. This presentation is a distillation of his experiences. He will share his practical solutions and guide you towards using your inherent analytical problem solving skills to make your firm both more profitable and easier to operate.

Learn how to:

  • Boost your firm’s overall billability
  • Reduce your firm’s non-labor overhead costs
  • Improve the pricing of your firm’s services
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Top 5 Reasons Your Firm Needs eMail & Document Information Management

Project Information Management. Access critical firm-wide and document information in one central location

It’s a competitive world out there and whether you’re a lawyer, architect, engineer or contractor, the need to organize your emails and documents is critical. Organized information saves you time, and saving time saves money.


1. Are your emails overflowing?

People spend nearly 2-3 hours a day on email-related activities, consuming 20-30% of their business day. Firms with document information management systems spend minutes, not hours, with email.

2. Can you find your firms critical documents?

6 in 10 firms rely on network folders to manage projects, but face inconsistent file structures, accidental deletion, drag-and-drop displacement hindering productivity and negatively impacting utilization. Firms can proactively manage documents through the entire legal lifecycle instead of waiting until the matter is complete to start organizing files.

 3. How quickly can you find critical documents?

Firms can spend hours, if not days, tracking down critical project information, wasting valuable resources and critical project time. With project information management, firms can find drawings or documents completed yesterday, last week or last year in a matter of minutes.


4. Do your teams struggle to share & manage files internally & externally?

Only 9% of firms have a single enterprise-wide collaboration system. Yet, 75% believe sharing documents is the most important way to improve collaboration. 


 5. Is your firm’s information a liability or an asset?

The average cost of a single misplaced file is more than R1000. Think of that times the number of files in just a single project. An effective document management strategy could reduce cost by 30% and lower risk by 23%.


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Press Release: Deltek PIM


Breakfast Seminar: New Public Procurement Rules for the Engineering & Construction Sector

Breakfast Seminar: New Public Procurement Rules for the Engineering & Construction Sector


This breakfast seminar is jointly hosted by CESA and Silversoft on the New Public Procurement Rules for the Construction Sector. Topics to be covered include:


  • The Standard for Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management (SIPDM)
  • The Public Procurement Framework Act (PPPFA) Regulation
  • Alignment of the SIPDM and PPPFA


Presented by a leading contributor to the legislation.


Date:                Wednesday, 5th July 2017


Time:               08h00 – 11h00


Venue:             Premier Hotel, 187 3rd Road, Midrand


Cost:                R460-00 (Excl VAT)


Kindly RSVP by Friday, 23rd June 2017 registering below



Time Activity
07:30 – 08:00 Registration
08:00 – 08:30 Breakfast
08:30 – 09:30 Talk/presentation 1
09:30 – 10:00 Q&A
10:00 – 10:15 A word from our sponsor -Silversoft
10:15 – 10:30 Vote of thanks