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Going for Gold in Talent Management

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Hiring the right employees for your company is almost like an Olympic sport. Shuffling through a stack of resumes just doesn’t cut it anymore. Between tracking open requisitions, candidates in the interview process and those who need to be onboarded… there’s a lot to do to find qualified talent and hire them quickly!

In this webinar, Madalyn Hernandez, Director of Marketing at BrilliantHR will speak about forecasting your workforce needs, getting qualified applicants to hiring managers fast, tracking hiring milestones and enhancing the onboarding process.


  • How to be competitive in your talent management strategy
  • Providing a positive candidate experience
  • Important tracking metrics to consider


Title: Going for Gold in Talent Management

Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Time: 9 PM

Duration: 1 hour

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Project Information Management Demonstration

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Join us for a 30-minute demonstration showcasing the different areas of Deltek’s Project Information Management solution designed specifically for architecture, engineering, and construction firms. Here you’ll learn how Deltek PIM’s simple processes will help streamline your business, improve project profitability, and provide more time for creative endeavors.

Highlights include:

  • What is PIM and why do I need it?
  • Email management
  • Document management
  • Managing design deliverables
  • Contract management

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Webinar: The State of the Architecture and Engineering Industry 2018

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In this webinar, PSMJ’s David Burstein, will present his findings on the current state of the architecture and engineering industries and his thoughts on the future of these industries. This presentation will include rich analysis of a variety of factors impacting the future performance of project based businesses with some of the most comprehensive research that has ever been conducted in the A/E industry!

Highlights include:

  • Important trends in the Economy
  • PSMJ’s outlook on the AEC industry in 2018 and beyond
  • Which markets will be up? Which ones will be down?
  • When will the good times end?


Date: 31st January 2018

Time: 8 pm

Duration: 1 Hour

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Webinar Series: White Board Wednesdays for Project Management

WBW Series: Heal My Reporting Woes!

Raise your hand if you feel like it takes forever to manually create, post and print project reports – either for your customer or internal use. Your hand is up? Well then join us for this week’s White Board Wednesday to see how Deltek can help heal your reporting woes! We’ll be demonstrating how you can easily produce reports that cover budgets, forecasts, actual costs, variance analysis and proposed baseline modifications with Deltek Cobra’s customizable Reporting Wizard and over 50 standard reports, including CPR1-5, CSSR and NASA 533.


Title: WBW Series: Heal My Reporting Woes!

Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Time: 18 hrs

Duration: 1 hour

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Free Webinar: Powerful Talent Strategies to Boost your Business in 2018

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It’s that time of year again, planning for a new fiscal year and reflecting on the past year’s accomplishments and shortcomings. As we can all attest, annual planning is a huge undertaking, especially when it comes to planning for your most important asset – your people.

As we draw closer to 2018, it’s crucial for organizations to take a look at how they have kept up with the ever-increasing demands of executing a successful talent management strategy, and the ever-changing expectations from their workforce. Employees have come to expect an environment where they feel challenged and appreciated, and where they know their organization has a vested interest in developing their skills and furthering their career.

The reality of it is that if organizations don’t put the thought and effort into a stellar strategy from the very first interactions with potential candidates all the way through to retirement, they will be hemorrhaging their best talent from all sides and losing them to competitors. Engaged and dedicated employees are made from the very beginning.

Join Deltek’s David Lee for the free webinar Powerful Talent Strategies to Skyrocket Your Business in 2018. Deltek’s talent management expert will outline key steps in the talent management process, while demonstrating proven strategies for engaging employees from Day One all the way through to retirement.


Date: January 23, 2018

Time: 18 Hrs

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Ways to measure their talent acquisition process, not just “time to hire”
  • How to focus on immediate candidate engagement that transitions into employee engagement and retention
  • Evaluating/strategizing talent acquisition vs. talent retention costs
  • A snapshot of a comprehensive employee development process

Free Webinar: Gain Control of Your Projects and Resources Now with Resource Planning

Would you like to improve your project management and improve your resource utilization in 2018? If so, let us help you do it! Join Brian Sullivan, who has 15 years of experience successfully implementing Project Planning & Resource Planning at firms, as he explains:

  • What does mature project management look like and how can your firm get there?
  • Why should you implement and expand a project planning & resource management strategy at your firm?
  • How can implementing project planning and resource management this year impact your firm’s bottom line?
  • Tips and Tricks learned from principals, project managers and team members from around the globe that have implemented successful project & resource management strategies.
  • Next Steps after implementing a better project management and resource management process and solution

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How To Make Time Recording Easier With Project ERP

Timesheets. A thorn in the side of every professional services firm and worker alike. From the company’s point of view they are fundamental when it comes to reclaiming that all important revenue. From the employee’s point of view, they are a tedious process that distracts them from the job they love. With your business’s profitability at stake, you’ll want to do whatever you can to encourage accurate time recording at your firm. But what steps can you take to get your employees on board?

1. Communicate the facts about lost time

2. Provide your staff with the tools they need

3. Consider mobile compatibility

4. Encourage cultural change with project-based ERP


You may have already tried these tips for improving your time recording processes and still feel you are losing the battle when it comes to timesheets completion at your firm. If so, you may need to consider taking things a step further at your firm by igniting cultural change. An ERP system with built in project functionality could help shape behaviour and win your staff around to taking time recording more seriously.

Giving your employees access to a single dashboard that relates project based information with operational data will install a greater sense of accountability. Employees that are able to see firsthand how omitting just an hour of time can affect the profitability of their project – and in turn the prosperity of the company – will be more incentivised to act. This could be the catalyst you need to really ease timesheet pains at your firm.

Want to know more about how project based ERP can help your professional services practice? Download our free ‘Project ERP for Dummies’ guide below.


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Free Webinar Recording: Focusing on Predictive Analytics for HR

Where other functions of an organization deal in profits, sales growth, forecasts and strategic planning, the HR function is responsible for employee well-being, engagement and motivation.

Such concerns do not immediately conjure up images of analytical know-how, even though in reality the management of such things often requires a lot of measurement and technical skill.

Join the Webinar as Kathryn Gordon, Deltek Talent Expert shares insight into how HR can deliver a credible and reliable service to the business by providing metrics on which executives will be able to make sound business decisions.

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