Manage Better Company-wide Financials with Deltek PSA

What if…you change the way you manage Company-wide Financials? Deltek for Professional Services helps you:

 Generate invoices that are correct and on time the first time, every time
  Utilize dashboards and alerts that tell you when things need your attention
   Monitor key metrics, such as margins, utilization, cash flow and many other important metrics
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Enhancing Onboarding for Shorter Time to Productivity

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Onboarding is a part of HR that is often underrated despite its potential to impact new hire productivity and retention. Companies tend to think of onboarding as a series of new hire paperwork to cover compliance requirements, while overlooking the more in-depth components of setting goals and milestones in an established training program. By having more comprehensive onboarding, new hires gain full proficiency in their positions 34% faster than those in shorter programs.

What does this mean for you? In project-based industries where your people are your business, getting new talent onboarded quickly means expanding your capability to take on new contracts, and having the right talent in place to fulfill your current contracts on time and on budget.

Download the Enhancing Onboarding for Shorter Time to Productivity Webinar to learn the effect onboarding has on new hire productivity particularly in project-based industries, while providing tips and best practices for building out a more thorough onboarding program.

Highlights of the Webinar include:

  • Onboarding statistics relating to new hire productivity
  • The three components of formal onboarding
  • Building your onboarding program for shorter time to productivity

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What every Consulting Firm needs to know about Dashboards & Predictive Analytics

What every Consulting Firm Needs to Know About Dashboards and Predictive Analytics.

It’s often been said that Knowledge is Power and that data is the pathway to knowledge. However, many businesses today are both data-rich and knowledge poor because they haven’t figured out how to extract insight from their data. This insight is critical for making good business decisions.

Are you getting the insight you need from your data?

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Business Fit Overview: Secrets of the Top Performing Professional Services Firms

Find out how to get your business fit for success.

The leading companies in the professional services (PS) sector are growing faster than the rest. So, what are they doing that the others aren’t?

The 2016 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark survey identified 52 elite performers from the 258 participating independent management and IT consultancies. These firms are seen to have a better focus on mission-critical projects. As such, they have developed superior processes and systems to harvest knowledge, manage quality, schedule resources and manage changes. They focus on developing repeatable processes which they can manage in real-time, so they are better at estimating and ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.

So, if you’re committed to getting your business fit for success, why not look at the trailblazers in your industry? What are they doing that your organization could learn from?

This eGuide explores what you should focus on to get your business into shape, so that you can improve your own processes and guarantee all projects are delivered as effectively and as profitably as possible.

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Resource Planning eBook

It’s time to take your Resource Planning Seriously!

In today’s highly competitive business world, the need for efficient resource management is greater than ever. In professional services companies like Consulting Firms, planning resources allows organizations to manage projects more efficiently, reduce overruns and avoid staff burnout.

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Four Steps to Overcoming Hiring Challenges

Finding and Attracting Top Talent eBook:

Four Steps to Overcoming Hiring Challenges

“Fewer than half (46%) of employees think their organization does a good job or hiring highly qualified employees.” – Towers Watson Global Workforce Study

When it comes to recruiting, being able to find qualified candidates and quickly fill positions can challenge even the most effective organizations. By putting the right strategies in place, however, your organization will understand its resource needs ahead of time – ensuring that you stop wasting time interviewing unqualified candidates.

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8 Ways Professional Services Automation drives Profitable Growth

PSA improves Service Delivery, Resource Management, Project Management, and Collaboration.

Most consulting firms deal with a wide variety of work the poses exciting new challenges and learnings every day. However, the very things that make the diversity of work enjoyable can also make managing a project-driven business more difficult. Professional Services Automation (PSA) helps firm take on the inherent challenges of doing project-focused work, including managing opportunities, delivering engagements, managing talent and measuring success.

Here are eight ways PSA solutions can help your consulting firm tackle these challenges and drive profitable growth. Download eGuide below:


Resource Planning for Dummies eBook

Discover how you can get the right people, on the right projects, at the right time to drive enhanced profitability for your business.


Successful and profitable projects, happy clients, and happy employees. That’s what you want from your organization, right? You want successful and profitable projects that are managed with a seamless process, you need visibility into problems before they became real issues, and you’ve got to have it all on time and on budget.

In this picture of perfection, those on‐time and on‐budget projects create happy clients. These projects are completed by employees who are happy because they’ve been assigned projects that fit their specific skills, experience, and aspirations, employees who aren’t overbooked or under‐scheduled, who have visibility into their upcoming work and enjoy smooth transitions on and off projects. It’s a wonderful equation: happy employees + happy customers = successful projects.

Successful projects lead to winning more work, and that in turn creates a successful organization. That’s nirvana! Many organizations, unfortunately, only dream of this nirvana. Most wake up to big challenges related to managing their projects. Many use multiple systems to track progress, and they suffer when it comes to scheduling, budgeting, and resourcing. They can’t find the right people to assign to the projects, so they have to compromise. They can’t figure out why billing is declining, they struggle to accurately forecast revenue and profitability for proposals and actual projects, they can’t seem to hire the right people fast enough, some of their resources are over‐utilized some are underutilized — and they’re tracking this nightmare using spreadsheets.

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Top 5 Reasons Your Firm Needs Asset Management

Don’t settle for inaccurate, inconsistent and incomplete Fixed Asset data. With Vision Asset Management, you can manage the complete asset lifecycle in one place so you have the right assets when you need them most and can make informed decisions about future acquisitions.

This infographic will walk you through the top five reasons you should have asset management.


Next Generation Legal: Managing KPIs To Accelerate Your Business

The legal sector continues to evolve to respond to the increased complexities and needs of a fast moving global economy. In order to not only survive this evolution but command a leading position within the industry, tracking your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in an efficient and relevant way is critical. In this guide we explore what KPIs are critical for law firms and what you can achieve by implementing a process to monitor them.

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