Gartner Report: The Tide is Shifting to Project-Based ERP & PSA

Gartner Report: The Tide is Shifting to Project-Based ERP & PSA. Why Services Firms must move to integrated, industry specific solutions.

In the past, professional services firms were forced to choose enterprise software systems built for manufacturers and distributors with bolt-on applications that were never truly integrated. Clearly, that’s not the ideal solution for services firms that prosper by delivering on-time, on-budget engagements for clients.

The world has changed, and now services firms can have it all with purpose-built PSA and ERP solutions built for their industry and the way they work.

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Integrated Project & Portfolio Management

Achieve End-to-End Project Management with Deltek’s Integrated Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Suite

In today’s complex business environment, the more aligned an organization’s people, processes and tools, the better it becomes at executing projects and delivering exceptional results.

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The Global Employee Engagement Index Report

The Global Employee Engagement Index Report: How Engagement Breeds Innovation

Effectory International’s third Global Employee Engagement Index provides more insight into and analysis of the current global state of employee engagement than ever before. This report not only clarifies how all regions of the world are performing on a wide variety of HR themes, but it also clearly makes the business case for chasing employee engagement.

In an increasingly volatile world where organisations need their people more than ever to innovate, to meet ever-changing market demands and respond to high-paced developments, engaged employees are incredibly valuable assets for any type of organisation.

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Consulting Firm Growth Report

Win, Manage, and Deliver More with Professional Services Automation

Consulting firms today are faced with a unique set of challenges that make it difficult to win new clients and deliver profitable projects efficiently and effectively. In fact, a recent Aberdeen survey uncovered the top challenges that consulting firms face today from an organizational standpoint, and in delivering projects profitably.

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Architecture & Engineering Scorecard

What does your Scorecard look like?

The 38th Annual Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Industry Report is the oldest and most comprehensive resource for A&E leaders, and this year’s study includes responses from more than 550 participants in the A&E Industry. How does your firm measure up to the average A&E firm and the high performing firms in the industry?

Check your firm’s score below and identify your key areas of improvement.

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38th Annual Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Industry Report

In-depth industry analysis to help you benchmark your firm and improve your results. Download the Engineering & Architecture Report 2017 below.

Get the latest A&E industry benchmarks, future trends and historical analysis for key areas of your business including business development, project management, finance and talent management.

See how your company measures up and develop strategies to improve your performance with metrics that matter.

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2017 IT Consulting Industry Snapshot

Learn how to offer a well-rounded, business-focused service that demonstrates significant value to your clients.

The 2017 IT Consulting Industry Snapshot discusses the industry’s evolution into business consulting as well as key trends impacting the workplace today. Also included are tangible solutions designed to empower consultants and satisfy clients.

In this report, you will find commentary on:

  • The evolution of IT Consulting to Business Consulting
  • The changing skills required for IT Consulting
  • How IT Consultants can demonstrate value

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2017 Architecture and Consulting Engineering Industry Snapshot

Learn how to combat uncertainty in the architecture and consulting engineering industries, and tackle 2017 with confidence and optimism.

In the 2017 Architecture and Consulting Engineering Industry Snapshot, you will read about the juxtaposition of industry uncertainty alongside cautious optimism as how to succeed in 2017. Key points include:

  • The global impact of political events such as Brexit and the US election
  • The fragile confidence around industry recovery
  • The talent shortage debate
  • The growing trend of consolidation
  • The impact of technology

“Despite economic uncertainty, the architecture and consulting engineering sector drives forward, with technology giving much-needed support to new infrastructure development worldwide.”

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Nucleus Research ROI Report

Learn how you can achieve 25-30% better margins with Deltek.

Nucleus Research reports project-driven firms who use Deltek:

  • Reduce cost by 20-24%
  • Increase productivity by 10%
  • Increase profitability by up to 20%

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