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Webinar Series| HR in the Cloud: Recruitment

“Why companies who are winning the war for talent are embracing technology to help them be competitive”


Online recruitment is not just about automating the CV collection process to regret unsuitable candidates but creating a company brand that attracts the right talent in the first place. Where your careers link on your home page plays a role, where you advertise is vital and how you manage the entire recruitment process is critical to the success of this branding. To be an employer of choice is where we need to strive towards.

Join Kathryn Gordon on Thursday 22nd of February at 10 AM where she will give us insight into a global Acquisition software tool with a local footprint to understand how powerful such a tool can be for your company.

Some highlights include:

• Demonstration of an Acquisition software tool from vacancy to hire
• Metrics and ROI offered by such a solution
• Points to consider when selecting an Acquisition solution
• Implementation timeframes and methodologies
• Sneak peak as to pricing models used by vendors.



Date: 22nd February 2018

Time: 10 AM (GMT +2)

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Webinar Series: HR in the Cloud

“We don’t talk about systems anymore, it’s all about how we do the work”

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Wash, rinse and repeat! That’s how our paper based processes in HR can be described, processes that take up hours of manager’s time and even more of the HR departments.

Cloud Computing promises benefits in numerous functional areas, but in few has the impact been felt as keenly as in human resources.  Particularly for core “back office’ HR areas such as benefits, time & attendance and systems of record.

For HR, the true value of Cloud Computing goes even further – it can help facilitate organisational transformation by simplifying day-to-day processes, increasing workforce insight and performance and creating greater strategic advantage.

Join Kathryn Gordon as she kicks off this webinar series with an indepth look into Cloud Computing and its impact within the African region.  Each subsequent webinar will focus on key functional areas within Human Resources and unpack how web based technologies can streamline and automate these processes.

Highlights Include:

  • Overview of the cloud systems available in our market
  • Impact cloud systems will have on our current system and infrastructure
  • Functionality housed within these systems
  • Trends in software over the next few years


Date: 15th February 2018

Time: 10 AM (GMT +2)

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Going for Gold in Talent Management

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Hiring the right employees for your company is almost like an Olympic sport. Shuffling through a stack of resumes just doesn’t cut it anymore. Between tracking open requisitions, candidates in the interview process and those who need to be onboarded… there’s a lot to do to find qualified talent and hire them quickly!

In this webinar, Madalyn Hernandez, Director of Marketing at BrilliantHR will speak about forecasting your workforce needs, getting qualified applicants to hiring managers fast, tracking hiring milestones and enhancing the onboarding process.


  • How to be competitive in your talent management strategy
  • Providing a positive candidate experience
  • Important tracking metrics to consider


Title: Going for Gold in Talent Management

Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Time: 9 PM

Duration: 1 hour

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Free Webinar: Powerful Talent Strategies to Boost your Business in 2018

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It’s that time of year again, planning for a new fiscal year and reflecting on the past year’s accomplishments and shortcomings. As we can all attest, annual planning is a huge undertaking, especially when it comes to planning for your most important asset – your people.

As we draw closer to 2018, it’s crucial for organizations to take a look at how they have kept up with the ever-increasing demands of executing a successful talent management strategy, and the ever-changing expectations from their workforce. Employees have come to expect an environment where they feel challenged and appreciated, and where they know their organization has a vested interest in developing their skills and furthering their career.

The reality of it is that if organizations don’t put the thought and effort into a stellar strategy from the very first interactions with potential candidates all the way through to retirement, they will be hemorrhaging their best talent from all sides and losing them to competitors. Engaged and dedicated employees are made from the very beginning.

Join Deltek’s David Lee for the free webinar Powerful Talent Strategies to Skyrocket Your Business in 2018. Deltek’s talent management expert will outline key steps in the talent management process, while demonstrating proven strategies for engaging employees from Day One all the way through to retirement.


Date: January 23, 2018

Time: 18 Hrs

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Ways to measure their talent acquisition process, not just “time to hire”
  • How to focus on immediate candidate engagement that transitions into employee engagement and retention
  • Evaluating/strategizing talent acquisition vs. talent retention costs
  • A snapshot of a comprehensive employee development process
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Free Webinar Recording: Focusing on Predictive Analytics for HR

Where other functions of an organization deal in profits, sales growth, forecasts and strategic planning, the HR function is responsible for employee well-being, engagement and motivation.

Such concerns do not immediately conjure up images of analytical know-how, even though in reality the management of such things often requires a lot of measurement and technical skill.

Join the Webinar as Kathryn Gordon, Deltek Talent Expert shares insight into how HR can deliver a credible and reliable service to the business by providing metrics on which executives will be able to make sound business decisions.

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Webinar Details:

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On Demand Webinar: Basics of HR

This webinar will touch some of the basics of HR and what their perspective is as well as how this fits into some of the needs of talent acquisition. Watch a high level summary of the recruitment process and latest trends.

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On Demand Webinar: Talent Management Full Suite Demo

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Register below to watch Silversoft’s HR Expert Kathryn Gordon for a look at the latest trends facing HR in 2018 and a full demonstration of the Deltek Talent Unified Software to see how your firm can:

• Decrease the time it takes to find qualified candidates
• Create an onboarding process to get your new hires settled into their new jobs effectively and efficiently
• Automate your performance review process with more meaningful goals and results
• Develop your employee through career goals and continued learning
• Retain your top talent with personalised career paths and succession planning


Webinar: Latest Trends in Performance Management

Webinar: Did your Performance Management Make the Grade? Learn the latest trends in Performance Management.

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“I can’t wait for my annual performance review” – Said no one, ever!

Appraisals are a popular topic right now and there’s a lot of buzz about changing the way performance reviews are given and received. But how can you know what’s right for your organization and your employees? Help continue the success of your employees and your business by implementing a successful performance management system.

In this webinar, Monique Hernandez from Brilliant HR will speak about the latest trends in Performance Management, how to get the communication between both employee and manager in alignment, feedback tips for managers, and success stories.



  • Pros & Cons of Annual vs. Ongoing Reviews
  • Feedback Tips for Managers
  • Successful Performance Management Implementation Stories
Monique Hernandez
CEO, BrilliantHR

The Global Employee Engagement Index Report

The Global Employee Engagement Index Report: How Engagement Breeds Innovation

Effectory International’s third Global Employee Engagement Index provides more insight into and analysis of the current global state of employee engagement than ever before. This report not only clarifies how all regions of the world are performing on a wide variety of HR themes, but it also clearly makes the business case for chasing employee engagement.

In an increasingly volatile world where organisations need their people more than ever to innovate, to meet ever-changing market demands and respond to high-paced developments, engaged employees are incredibly valuable assets for any type of organisation.

Download this report below