2017 Trends in Project & Portfolio Management Seminar

Trends in PPM

2017 Trends in Project and Portfolio Management

We all know that failed projects can send a ripple effect through an organization…but to what extent? The truth is, this can be felt all the way up and down the chain of the corporate hierarchy, ultimately impacting employment. So how do you stop this domino effect, or more importantly how do you decrease the likelihood of failure?

I give the example of a project as a marathon made up of a series of sprints. To complete a marathon, it takes preparation. Or, in the case of projects, project planning. You also need to be fit – meaning having the right mix of skills. Marathon runners have to train hard and often, and some would agree that it’s the same for project teams.

Here is the bottom line: Marathoners make running their business. Similarly, projects are our business and we have to execute, evolve and execute better.  Looking at the overall project management ecosystem, here are five of the most important concepts trending in 2017.

-The ever increasing role of the project manager.
-The Role of the PMO is increasing.
-PPM in the cloud is the key technology trend in 2017
-Self-service cost and schedule.
-Personal connections can impact the success of a project


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