Running an agency is all about change and growth. No matter what, the one thing you can never afford to do is to stop growing. It’s the nature of a professional services business. You need a constant flow of new clients, new employees, new processes and new technology.

In this article, we have rounded up some interesting and clever marketing agency growth tips. Give them a try and let us know which ones had the biggest impact on your business.

Ensure your pitches capture your true value

Marketers are usually great at identifying the unique selling points of their clients, but when it comes to selling their own services, they easily undersell their value.

This is partly because it’s tricky to dedicate time to your proposals and pitches when most of your people are busy with billable client work. And then there’s the fact that things move at such a fast pace in the agency world.

When last did you update your proposal documents? If you haven’t refreshed them in the last six months, then chances are that you’re missing the opportunity to include some excellent projects and new clients.

To ensure that your proposals capture your true value:

  • Show that you understand your prospective clients’ business challenges
  • Show how your agency is the best one to help overcome these specific challenges
  • Include relevant example projects and customer testimonials
  • Explain your processes and what they can expect when they start working with you
  • Keep your pricing clear and simple

Need to update your proposal template? We’ve created one for you.

Get your proposal template here

Nurture existing client relationships

Networking and referrals are probably your biggest source of new business, but don’t forget that your existing customer base is a great source of new business. Think about how you can expand your services within key accounts, for example by adding new services such as video editing, podcast creation, etc.

Monthly or quarterly newsletters are a great way to share new client, service and project highlights with your existing customers.

Take your own advice 

Agencies often suffer from a case of “the cobbler’s shoes”, talking to clients on a daily basis about the importance of building a compelling website, and investing in digital marketing, advertising, SEO and social media, without taking their own advice.

If team capacity is a problem, consider creating a “moonlight marketplace” where you can post “jobs” that employees can bid on and complete in their own time for extra income.

Ensure your processes are scalable

Prepare your agency for growth by setting up processes that can scale with the agency. Poor process and unfit technology are a common challenge for marketing agencies that suddenly experience fast growth.

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