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[Deltek Clarity] Architecture and Engineering Industry Study

Each year, Deltek conducts a survey of firms in the architecture and engineering industry to identify the key performance indicators, market conditions, and industry trends. Conducted for the last 41 years, the Study is developed in collaboration with industry organisations in the United States and Canada. The Study collected responses on emerging technology trends, financial […]

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A Guide for Going Digital with Document and Email Management

Global research conducted by IDC, found that 21.3% of productivity loss in the workplace can be attributed to document management issues. Whether it’s employees being unable to find the right document, or being unable to access the document, according to Interact Source, almost 20% of business time, as much as one day per working week, […]


Why a clear creative brief is the starting point of your next great marketing campaign

The creative brief is the unsung hero of the campaign process. At least that’s what McDonald’s former global marketing director, Joe Talcott believes, calling it “one of the most valuable and paradoxically most neglected tools marketers have to create good work”. The creative brief is not just important to agencies. When well-executed, it’s a key […]

The Whalley Collective Prepares for Growth with Deltek WorkBook

    Silversoft is delighted to announce that The Whalley Collective has chosen Deltek WorkBook to assist their agency in their next phase of growth. The Whalley Collective, an independent agency centred in Durban, South Africa have grown their client base and with an evolved collective and semi-remote working structure approached Silversoft to assist in […]

99c Creates a Seamless Workflow Throughout Their Agency with Deltek WorkBook

    99c chooses Deltek WorkBook to digitise manual and disparate systems, and create a single agency workflow to enhance visibility into workload, capacity and overall business operations. The firm has partnered closely with Silversoft to implement Deltek WorkBook’s best-of-suite agency platform to transform the way in which the agency manages resources, in an optimal […]

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How to Motivate Your Team to Produce Good Work, Even During a Global Pandemic

How to motivate your team to produce good work, even during a global pandemic We all know what it’s like to dig deep on a Monday morning, trying to find the smallest bit of motivation to get out of bed and dress for work. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it sort of threw the world […]

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How to Keep Your Engineering Firm Healthy in 2021

A Quick Guide for Keeping Your Firm Healthy in 2021 2020 was a big learning curve for businesses all around the world. Many engineering firms had to learn to adjust to remote working, while still maintaining a positive and motivational workplace culture, and implementing systems and processes to navigate the “new normal” way of working. […]

MPAMOT Drives Innovation and Operational Efficiency with Silversoft and Deltek

    MPAMOT GROUP drives innovation AND OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY THROUGH implementation of WORLDCLASS business management system, RESULTING IN ALIGNMENT OF group AND subsidiary OPERATIONS, AND POSITIONING MPAMOT GROUP to scale and grow operations in Africa. Leading, 100% black women-owned and managed engineering and development consulting firm, MPAMOT (Pty) Ltd selected Deltek and Silversoft as partners […]