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The Innovative CFO

Transform your role to achieve organisational success As the economy continues to change, your role as CFO needs to evolve to respond to the dynamic nature of the market. In this whitepaper you can learn how to Shift your focus from operations to strategy Improve back office efficiency Invest in technology that will support business […]

The Top 10 KPI’s Every PS Organization Must Measure

Discover which KPIS you should be using to measure your Whole Business. The progress of your staff really is important, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the bigger picture. It’s time to start measuring the progress of your organisation – you ought to know if you are generating good revenue, completing projects on time […]


Consulting Firm Webinar Series

Managing your Consulting Firm for Growth. REGISTER HERE Your consultants, the lifeblood of your firm, are a mobile workforce who need to input & access project and client information from wherever their business takes them. Are you giving them the tools they need to be successful anywhere, anytime? Register today for Deltek’s Managing Your Consulting Firm […]


Business Development Webinar

Fall in Love with Business Development Again. REGISTER HERE When you think of business development, what comes to mind? Exciting, riveting and motivating? Not likely…more often you think frustrating, complicated, necessary evil. But why? And how can you get excited about chasing the win again? According to the SMPS Foundation’s latest research study, business development for […]


iAccess for Deltek Vision Webinar

Do More with Deltek iAccess for Vision. Download the Webinar HERE Your pipeline and projects are only helpful if you have accurate data. And, you need the people with the right information to engage with the right tools for a more holistic view of your business. But, how do you get busy principals, project managers […]


Webinar: Build A Better A&E Firm

Build A Better A&E Firm: Mastering Resource Planning Webinar. REGISTER HERE Mastering Resource Planning is a significant challenge for architecture and engineering firms. It requires understanding the skills required, the internal and external resource needs, the project budget, time frames, and available capacity. Mastering resource planning will help you maximize profitability, optimize utilization and deliver more […]

Deltek Vision CRM Demo

Deltek Vision CRM Live Demonstration and Q&A. REGISTER HERE Designed specifically for project-focused businesses, Deltek Vision Customer Relationship Management (CRM) makes it possible for everyone in your organization to work together to meet your clients’ needs. By automating client and opportunity management, you can gain a competitive edge, win more business and increase client satisfaction. Register […]


Vision Resource Planning Webinar

Vision Resource Planning Live Demo and Q&A. REGISTER HERE For project-based businesses, nothing is more important than your resources. But, often times firms use multiple, fragmented systems that leads to frustrated staff, overbooked or underutilized staff, and time-consuming data management. This all results in projects that are late and over budget. Deltek Vision Resource Planning and […]

Deltek Vision Performance Management

Deltek Vision Performance Management Live Demonstration and Q&A. REGISTER HERE Most firms strive to set strategic direction, monitor performance, make adjustments, make effective decisions, provide a feedback loop and measure the results. But, how do you do it effectively? How can you take your strategic plans and monitor your progress so you can quickly and effectively […]