Best Practices Webinar Recording: How Tech-Centric Firms are Outperforming the Competition

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Best Practices Webinar: How Tech-Centric Firms have turned Digital Disruption into a Competitive Weapon

The One Hundred Pound Digital Gorilla in the Room

According to a recent survey of over 500 consulting firm leaders, the top five business issues keeping firm leaders up at night are:

1) Attracting and developing new business,

2) Dealing with an increasingly competitive marketplace,

3) Finding and keeping good people,

4) Innovating new ideas, and

5) Coming up with the right strategy to drive growth.

I’m guessing at least one of these issues has caused a few sleepless nights for you as well. But at the center of all these issues is a one hundred pound digital gorilla that somehow did not make the list. This gorilla goes by a dizzying array of names, such as McKinsey’s digital disruption, IDC’sdigital transformation, BCG’s digital economy, Forbes’ digital revolution, and most recently, Forrester’s digital automation shift.

Whatever we decide to call it, there’s no denying that digital automation is transforming the consulting industry in much the same way it has already wreaked havoc with other industries, such as media, music, retail, and the list goes on.

So if we know what happens to organizations that ignore change, why are so many of us sticking our proverbial heads in the sand when it comes to the consulting industry?

I’m afraid I do not have an answer for you. But, I do know that the successful firms — firms like Consulting Magazine’s Fastest Growing Firms or SPI Research’s “best of the best”– are the same firms that have embraced digital disruption and made digital automation work for them. In other words, tech-centric firms are emerging as the winners of the consulting industry.

How? By using technology to address those nagging business problems I mentioned earlier – winning new business, crushing the competition, finding and keeping top talent, innovating better and faster, and developing informed, data-driven strategies for growth. Two of these tech-centric firms, Sapient and Slalom Consulting, have agreed to share their stories and the “how” behind the stories in a FREE, live webinar (Download recording below), hosted by Consulting magazine.  In addition, industry experts will be on hand to explore the topic from an industry perspective and address individual questions you may have, such as:

What steps should your firm be taking right now to make technology your competitive weapon?

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