The 44th Annual Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Study

The 44th Annual Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Study is a comprehensive report that provides insights into the state of the A&E industry. The study was conducted between January and March 2023, and included data from a variety of firms from all sizes and regions across the United States and Canada.

The study found that the A&E industry is facing a number of challenges, including increasing competition, rising costs, and a shortage of skilled labor. However, the study also found that the industry is still growing, and that there are opportunities for firms that are able to adapt to the changing landscape.

The study includes a number of valuable insights for A&E firms, including:

  • How to compete in a crowded market
  • How to manage rising costs
  • How to attract and retain skilled labor
  • How to use technology to improve efficiency

The full study is available for download on the Deltek website. To download the study, click here: [link to study]

This document is designed to help AEC firms think about how they can use emerging technology to transform their processes. You’ll see that each section has a list of questions and prompts to help you brainstorm, as well space to note ideas and doodle.

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For the last 43 years, Deltek has conducted an annual survey of firms in the Architecture & Engineering industry to identify key performance indicators, market conditions and industry trends. The Study is developed in collaboration with industry organizations.

More than 540 firms participated in the Study, representing a broad cross-section of businesses within the Architecture and Engineering industry in North America.

The online survey was developed in partnership with CMG Consulting and conducted between February and March 2022, with financial metrics captured covering 2021 financial performance. The 43rd Annual Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Study includes data from a variety of firms from all sizes and geographies across the United States and Canada

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Silversoft, a leading international enterprise software firm, is thrilled to announce the appointment of René Praestholm as its new international Chief Growth Officer. In this newly appointed group role, René will lead the Agency Solutions division, driving growth and scale internationally and ensuring that the firm continues to deliver leading innovative solutions to agencies worldwide.


René is an accomplished Martech industry leader with decades of experience in the agency space. He was one of the founding members of WorkBook, a leading agency management software platform that went on to successfully scale globally before selling to Deltek in 2017. His extensive expertise and passion for the industry make him the ideal candidate to help take Silversoft’s Agency Solutions offering to the next level.


“We are thrilled to welcome René to the team,” said Jacques du Buisson, CEO. “His track record of success and deep contextual knowledge of the agency space make him the perfect fit to help drive growth and deliver the best possible solution suite to our agency clients around the world. We are excited to see what he will achieve in his new role and look forward to working together with René to reimagine our offering to our agency clients, and future prospects looking to partner with our firm.


René will be based in Copenhagen and will be driving international growth from London, focusing on three primary pillars: Marketing, Customer Acquisition & Product. His appointment is a significant milestone in Silversoft’s ongoing efforts to expand its reach and provide innovative solutions to service-based firms worldwide.


“I am honoured and excited to be joining such an exciting company, on an amazing growth trajectory, and taking the lead in the Agency Solutions division,” said Praestholm. “I believe the company’s unwavering focus on delivering cutting-edge purpose-built solutions to agencies is second to none, and I am eager to help them achieve even greater success. I look forward to working with the talented Silversoft team, both in the growth of the Deltek WorkBook & Magnetic portfolios, but also in ensuring we continue to develop innovate solutions that make a real difference in the agency space.”


Silversoft, recently named Deltek’s international partner of the year (ROW) for the sixth consecutive year, continues to deliver leading enterprise software that provides innovative solutions to service-based firms. With a focus on agency solutions, the company helps organizations improve their operational efficiency and increase profitability

Deltek Announces the Winners of Its Global Partner of the Year Awards

Herndon, VA – February 8, 2023 – Deltek, the leading global provider of software and solutions for project-based businesses, today announced the winners of its annual Global Partner of the Year Awards. This year’s awards recognize the significant accomplishments of outstanding companies in the Deltek Partner Network. They represent the best of the vibrant global ecosystem of systems integrators (SIs), value-added resellers (VARs), independent software vendors (ISVs), accounting firms and consulting firms.

Deltek’s partner programs provide flexibility for companies to resell, co-sell, refer, implement and consult – all supported by Deltek’s commitment to make each partnership a success. Partners amplify enterprise software offerings for project-based businesses and expand the Deltek customer base around the world.

This year, newly created award categories were added to recognize partners that are successful in focusing on new industries and new customers – the Net-New Customers Award – as well as those partners that exhibit excellent potential – with the Rising Star Awards. Deltek recognized a total of 11 partners in the following categories:

“Congratulations to all our award-winning partners on a successful year! It is an honor to recognize the outstanding achievements and innovation of these partners,” said Mike Hines, Vice President of the Global Partner Alliance at Deltek. “It’s an exciting time to be part of the Deltek ecosystem – we have a lot in store for partners in 2023, including new programs and new routes to market. Thanks to the Deltek Project Nation community and the ever-growing expansion of our partner community, 2023 promises to be a successful year for all.”

To learn more about Deltek’s global partner ecosystem and the benefits of the program, visit


Engineering firms should, by their very nature, be interested in sustainability. After all, their objective is to solve problems and make things function in a better way, and right now our world is in dire need of solutions for global climate change, dealing with plastic waste and finding new sources of sustainable energy.

If this is interesting to your firm but you’re not sure how you could contribute or what kind of projects you should look out for, maybe this article will help you. We have rounded up some of the most interesting sustainable engineering projects from around the world.

Dell Technologies harvests & recycles plastics from oceans

Dell has created a new supply chain that recovers ocean-bound plastics, putting them back into its packaging instead of letting them wash out to sea. The company says it works with suppliers to collect, process and mix plastics with other recycled material to create molded trays used for packaging select products. The trays are made from 50% ocean-bound plastic and 50% recycled HDPE plastic, using no virgin materials.

Learn more about Dell’s sustainability projects here.

Anne Wrobetz is an adjunct instructor in CU Boulder’s Engineering Management Program, and shared her insights on this project in a recent article, saying, “It’s positive for Dell. They’ve had to make this initial upfront investment but over the long run they are saving a lot of money and they are becoming recognised as an industry leader in the field of sustainable business. They are making all of this information available to other companies in an effort to get them to also start thinking about where their plastics come from and how they can change their supply chain and really leverage these new ideas. It sets them apart from their competitors and gives them a competitive advantage.”

Newlight creates AirCarbon sustainable plastic

AirCarbon was developed by Newlight Technologies. They use natural ocean microorganisms to make PHB from air and greenhouse gas. Unlike synthetic materials, the AirCarbon molecule is a molecule made throughout nature, and can be re-consumed by natural microorganisms like leaves or twigs, enabling life to restore itself.

Recently featured on CNN, AirCarbon has won many awards for its innovative sustainability. It’s a verified carbon-negative material, meaning every step of its production and use is fully green and sustainable. Because it is not made from oil like other plastics, it is also a cost-effective alternative to other synthetic materials.

Learn more about AirCarbon here.

EONEF brings electricity to disaster zones

Developed by French start-up EONEF, Zéphyr is a photovoltaic balloon and eco-friendly generator . The autonomous aerial platform takes the form of a helium balloon.

It was created to help emergency services deploy telecommunications networks in under an hour when dealing with crises and emergencies, providing field teams with live data using a fixed-point camera.

It’s also used for scientific missions including measuring air quality and observing wildlife, and for extended protection of sensitive sites.

Learn more about Zéphyr here.

The Svart Hotel: the world’s first energy-positive hotel

The Svart Hotel in northern Norway will be the first energy positive hotel in the world.

Set to open in 2022, Svart is “Inspired by local coastal building traditions and nature, dissolving the boundary between land and water. We aim to transform how we look at hotels and introduce hotels’ future through a sustainable, innovative approach to design, technology, construction, operation and guest journey.”

Designed by architects Snøhetta and engineering consultants Asplan Vaak, this hotel aims to create more energy than it uses. With an annual energy consumption that is expected to be 85% lower than other hotels, it will harvest enough solar power to cover all on-site energy needs, including the energy required for construction.

Learn more about the Svart hotel here.

Pavegen Systems uses steps to generate energy

Pavegen’s award-winning smart street pathway converts the kinetic energy of people’s footsteps into electrical energy and data. One footstep produces enough energy to light an LED light bulb for approximately 20 seconds.

The company aims to build awareness and help create highly engaging consumer experiences, while educating and inspiring stakeholders in the hope that, eventually, footsteps could power whole cities.

Learn more about Pavegen here.

Baby steps towards sustainability

As inspiring as these sustainable engineering projects are, they require big budgets and ambitious clients. Sometimes the best way to become more sustainable is through a series of smaller changes to the way we run our offices and source materials.

To help you think about how your firm can “go green” we’ve created a handy summary for you to download.

For the last 43 years, Deltek has conducted an annual survey of firms in the Architecture & Engineering industry to identify key performance indicators, market conditions and industry trends. The Study is developed in collaboration with industry organizations.

More than 540 firms participated in the Study, representing a broad cross-section of businesses within the Architecture and Engineering industry in North America.

The online survey was developed in partnership with CMG Consulting and conducted between February and March 2022, with financial metrics captured covering 2021 financial performance. The 43rd Annual Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Study includes data from a variety of firms from all sizes and geographies across the United States and Canada

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A Journey To Global Success:
How Silversoft became Deltek’s International Partner of the Year for the 5th year running


South Africa has produced some of the world’s brightest and most talented people. Political and sports personalities aside, the likes of Elon Musk, Trevor Noah and Black Coffee currently dominate headlines and are impacting the world in ways they could never have once imagined. 

There’s just something about South Africans and their unique combination of strength of character, ambition, and ability to work hard.

There are several notable software technology successes too. The latest of which is a South African business called Silversoft. 

Siversoft is a reseller, partner and developer of enterprise software solutions for people and project-centric organisations. The company works in close partnership with global project management software leader, Deltek and specialises in helping fast-growing professional services firms, including some of the biggest names in Agency, Engineering, Consulting, Legal and Accounting, to deploy and maximise ROI on Deltek’s range of solutions.

Silversoft is also the first Deltek partner to be recognised as International Partner of the Year for five years in a row – which is a huge achievement!

We met with Silversoft’s Managing Director, Jacques du Buisson, who founded the firm and leads their global charge, to find out how they did it, why it matters, and what they’re doing next.

Q: Tell us about this award and why it’s such a coveted prize

Jacques: Every year Deltek announces its global partner award winners in a range of categories – this year there were nine categories. Of course, the International Partner of the Year is a significant achievement on a global scale, as it means that we are the partner that has performed beyond expectations both in the the markets we serve and in the various products and locations in which we collaborate with Deltek.

Being named international partner of the year confirms the great work our firm has been doing to deliver deep, functional and innovative solutions to our clients, while working hand-in-hand with Deltek to tailor our offering to suit our markets. This kind of recognition confirms that we are doing the right thing.

Q: Why do you think Silversoft won the award this year?

Jacques: I believe that it’s a combination of a few things, the most important being that we have remained completely dedicated to our strategy, especially our commitment to – and investment in – a partnership with Deltek. In the last year this has included a significant focus on international growth.

We work very closely with Deltek. We know their excellent solutions inside-out and, after 15 years, we know exactly how to implement, customise and onboard clients across the professional services market, so that our customers maximise their return on investment as fast as possible.

Silversoft’s deep contextual knowledge, ambition and ability to win new customers, and then to successfully implement and support Deltek solutions is what sets us apart. This drives healthy year-on-year growth in our user base, and has enabled us to scale into the UK and beyond.

Q: What does this recognition mean to you and the team?

Jacques: It’s a great validation of our strategy and hard work. We know that we have a good business model and that our firm has a bright future ahead of it.

Also, we’re passionate about Deltek’s solutions. We believe that they’re best on the market, and we’re proud of our role in building the Deltek Project Nation community.

Five years of consecutive recognition for excellence drives home the fact that we are making the right decisions for our people, clients and partners. It’s a big deal and pushes us to maintain such standards.

Q: What sets Silversoft apart from similar service providers?

Jacques: We have well over a decade of experience in addressing the core challenges of project-centric businesses. We apply this experience throughout our client engagements, helping clients create an environment for their people to thrive, maximising utilisation of their team, improving cash flow, and optimising working capital. 

Service-centric firms need to be flexible and agile in order to survive, and our team works very closely with them to ensure that the technology they use helps to protect their profit margins and creates a platform for best practice and growth. We relentlessly focus on ensuring our best-of-breed technology enhances the entire project lifecycle, while minimising time to value. 

This approach illuminates the pathway for decision making and has been working well so far. We’re particularly excited by the many international opportunities opening up to us as we scale.

Q:  What’s your approach to hiring and keeping the best talent in South Africa, and what does this award mean for your team?

Jacques: Our approach is to hire great people who are also experts from the industries we serve. We want people who have managed traffic in a creative agency, or managed complex projects in an engineering firm, because we know that they truly understand the challenges our clients face. The project industry can be complex and intensive, and the more experience we have inside the markets we serve, the better.

Our team lives our values and we consistently punch above our weight, always looking to employ hard-working, ambitious people that reflect our culture and values.  So we know that winning this award from a global leader like Deltek is a reflection of the talent of our people. They have an excellent standard of service delivery and now they’re seen as the benchmark in the industry. 

Not only can they rest assured that Silversoft is a safe and stable employer, but also that their future careers will be bolstered by the fact that they have worked at one of the top international firms in this industry.

Q: How do you find space to innovate and add value when Silversoft is a reseller? 

Jacques: Innovation is one of Silversoft’s core values, but you’re right, it’s very difficult to innovate when you’re not in control of product development. Deltek have really proven their leadership in the project space and we partner closely with them to deliver on that.

That being said, we consistently strive to think creatively and find new ways to add further value for our clients. For us it’s all about improving the project lifecycle and reducing the time to value. Project-centric firms need the tools to deliver amazing services. That’s what they rely on us for, and that’s what we’re very good at.

We are also always looking at how to improve and speed up the way we implement and support Deltek products for our customers. In a demanding industry, time to value is key in all we deliver.

This is where we apply our creativity and development capability. More recently we used our experience in the industry to develop a product that fulfills a very specific requirement in our market, that will soon be available on the Deltek Marketplace. The product is called ‘Boost’ and it’s a great little plug-in that completely removes the effort of completing traditional timesheets. We know that incomplete and inaccurate timesheets cause a lot of pain for our clients, and we’re thrilled that we have found a way to automate this tedious and often contentious task. Imagine if you could just focus on your work, while the software learns how to track your time automatically!

To find out more about how silversoft can assit your professional services firm, visit our site for more information

Deltek Announces Its Global Partner Award Winners for 2021

Deltek recognizes innovation and achievements of partners, including Baker Tilly, CrunchTech, ConstructConnect, Infotek Consulting, insightsoftware, Full Sail Partners, Silversoft, Smartsoftware and Stambaugh Ness

Herndon, VA – April 12, 2022 – Deltek, the leading global provider of software and solutions for project-based businesses, announced the winners of its annual Global Partner Awards during its virtual Partner Kickoff event held earlier today. This year, nine partners were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in 2021.

The Deltek Partner Network amplifies enterprise software offerings for project-based businesses and expands the Deltek customer base around the world. Through Deltek partners, more companies can experience better project intelligence enabling them to make better decisions about their business and manage their unique projects in a collaborative and end-to-end platform.

This year, Deltek recognized the significant accomplishments of nine partners which represent the program’s systems integrators, value-added resellers, independent software vendors, accounting firms, and consulting firms:


“Deltek is proud to collaborate with our partner network, which enables thousands of customers to continue to strengthen their businesses,” said Natasha Engan, Senior Vice President, Deltek Global Sales. “It is an honor to recognize the outstanding achievements and innovation of these partners. We look forward to a fantastic year ahead with the Deltek Project Nation community as we continue to expand our program globally.”

To learn more about Deltek’s global partner ecosystem and the benefits of the program, visit


About Deltek
Better software means better projects. Deltek is the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for project-based businesses. More than 30,000 organizations and millions of users in over 80 countries around the world rely on Deltek for superior levels of project intelligence, management, and collaboration. Our industry-focused expertise powers project success by helping firms achieve performance that maximizes productivity and revenue.

Transform your engineering firm with these 5 emerging technologies

There’s a skills crisis looming that is not a product of poor training, but rather a symptom of the relentless march of technological innovation. 

Half of the business leaders who responded to the 2019 PWC Fourth Industrial Revolution survey expressed a concern about future job losses – with 55 percent of respondents saying that the biggest impact of this skills shortage on business is the “inability to innovate effectively.”

The impact of technological advancement is shortening the shelf-life of existing employee skills. While this reality can be disturbing, the emerging technologies driving these skills shortage are exciting and demand that engineering firms adopt a new mindset to embrace these changes.

These technologies also have the power to transform the current workplace into the digital offices of tomorrow that encourage levels of collaboration that we have never experienced before. This approach can also unlock new workstyles that can solve the biggest problems we face today.

These five emerging technologies are particularly beneficial in the engineering space:

  • Digital twins

Virtual models can be used to adapt or construct buildings and even whole urban infrastructures and cities to arrive at unique solutions. Digital twins are an important tool to reshape our urban spaces to drive down carbon emissions, while boosting economic efficiency.

Ernst and Young also reported digital twins can reduce carbon emissions in urban areas by between 50 to 100 percent, reduce operating costs for building asset owners by 35 percent and boost productivity by 20 percent.

Six steps to create a digital twin:

  • Equip your project/asset with IoT sensors to measure inputs and outputs
  • Connect the IoT sensors to a digital platform
  • Organise the collected data and prepare data sets for analysis 
  • Visualise the data with iterative models
  • Transfer to a 3D model or overview dashboard to inform decision making
  • Implement this data-guided decision in the physical world
  • Edge computing

Processing data close to the source and only sending the results to the cloud cuts down on storage costs and speeds up processes. Centralised cloud computing has yielded amazing products, including unlimited data storage and connected apps, but the security risks and a reliance on data connectivity has limited its use in high-security environments.

Edge computing provides shorter response times, lower bandwidth costs, and more robust data safety and privacy protection than cloud computing. 

What is edge computing? It moves compute power to the edge of where your local network meets the internet. This infrastructure is more robust and reliable and keeps data costs low by only utilising the connection when offloading the processed data to external storage.

Networking speed is also improved through local and peer-to-peer communication, which is a central component of the Internet of Things. In the future all the machine-to-machine communication that underpins autonomous driving will demonstrate the full potential of edge computing.   


  • Blockchain 

Cryptographic distributed ledgers create a digital log with a permanent record and can track assets. With blockchain contracts are embedded in digital code and stored in transparent, shared databases, where they are protected from deletion, tampering, and revision. 

With an internal blockchain every agreement, every process, every task, and every payment would have a digital record and signature that could be identified, validated, stored, and shared. Individuals, organisations, machines, and algorithms can freely transact and interact with one another with little friction.

Three important advantages of an internal blockchain: 

  • Confidentiality can be incorporated in a private blockchain by encrypting the data on a chain.
  • Multichain tokenisation allows you to anchor the value of a transaction and you can link multiple chains 
  • Private blockchain can provide authenticated and notarised messaging services. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI can process large data sets in a short time and, through machine learning techniques, automate certain processes. The complementary nature of on-device machine learning and edge computing means that future IoT systems can operate semi-autonomously within defined parameters, freeing up human capital and compute power for other tasks. 

Applying AI to design can also speed up that phase of the work without resorting to copying and pasting templates. AI can dynamically place standard objects/features and suggest alterations in response to data from a digital twin.


  • Augmented Reality

The ability to overlay additional data or information on top of the real world will help visualise data in new and innovative ways. Technically digital twins can be described as augmented reality because the models you can design are tied to a real-world object. 

The metaverse may be the hot topic now but, outside of communications and entertainment applications, the concept of VR in the engineering workspace is not ideal. AR on the other hand combines all the strengths of VR, but doesn’t require you to depart from the meat space.

Ensure your firm is equipped to support innovation projects

While your firm is enhancing its solutions and gearing towards future-focused engineering solutions, it needs in-house software, including for project management, that supports this kind of innovation and forward thinking.

This workbook contains questions and prompts to help you brainstorm how you can use emerging tech to transform your processes. 

Download our innovation prompter by filling out the form below: