In this whitepaper, we explain how Consulting firms can grow profitably by improving their use of resources and gaining tighter control over financial results.

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  •     What drives profitability
  •     Where to focus control in order to drive growth and profitability
  •     How to manage costs to ensure better margins
  •     How to align skills and people with the right engagements.

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In a modern, busy Professional Services organisation it can often be hard to identify exactly when you can be doing things better.

In this guide we highlight the key business issues you should look out for so that you know when an ERP system can help you to improve your processes, profitability and potential for growth.

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If you’re planning to invest in ERP, it’s important that all of your key stakeholders buy into the ERP project and sit firmly behind it,during its selection, implementation and day-to-day use.

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Selecting an ERP system for a project-based Professional Service organisation is different from selecting a generic ERP that is suitable in other industries.

Project-based companies have their own distinct needs and requirements, and – fundamentally – must be able to view their business in three dimensions.

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Discover how innovative firms are placing their focus on key tools that enhance and nurture modern collaboration techniques so that they can achieve growth and global success.

Learn how to take advantage of collaboration to ensure that you remain competitive and well-positioned for long term growth.

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Are you meeting your goals for increased productivity and profitability?

In a survey of global Deltek customers, Nucleus Research found that Deltek’s integrated project accounting solutions and industry-specific functionality enabled firms to increase visibility, productivity and profitability.

A staggering 93% of companies surveyed have achieved a positive ROI from their Deltek ERP deployment.

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The Legal Industry is changing and many Law Firms are beginning to realise that they need to run their business using similar business models and apply the same best practices as other Professional Services Organisations (PSOs).

Discover the 6 habits that both the best run PSOs and Law firms have institutionalised in their business culture.

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Deploying a project-based ERP system can deliver plenty of valuable insight, but this will only be achieved if all personnel within your business are bought in from the outset and recognise the long-term benefits.

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The Silversoft Golf Team sponsored and participated in the 2014 Presidential Golf Challenge.  Our team had a wonderful day on the golf course, networking with our clients and fellow golfers. Our sponsored 18th hole offered drinks and snacks to players and at the prize dinner we handed out two Mizuno Golf Bags to the winners of the closest to the pin on the par 3s.  Click here to see the photos of the event.

Silversoft was glad to present The Deltek’s Engineering and Architecture Industry Report at the CESA Construction Charter Breakfast Seminar at Indaba Hotel in Fourways. More than 50 companies in South Africa participated in the research together with others from countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Austria and Switzerland. The research shows Key Performance Indicators such as Project Metrics, People Metrics, New Clients, segments & Markets, Competition & Threats, Operational Insights and Market Outlook.

The report was presented to 70 members engineers of CESA for them to obtain an insight on the comparison of performance, KPI’s & benchmarking and visibility for improvement in the industry.

Click here to see photos of the event.