Good news for Architecture & Engineering (A&E) firms large and small – financial performance remains stable across the industry as uncovered by the 39th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study.  That being said, the environment is not without challenges.

Overall, firms reported an increase in operating profit, but they also saw an increase in overhead rates coupled with decreases in utilization, net labor multiplier, and net revenue per employee. All of this indicates a stable, but potentially challenging environment. Here are a few of the key highlights from this year’s study:

  • Average operating profit on net revenue was 13.2%, up just slightly from 13% last year
  • Utilization rates dropped slightly this year to 59.4% from 60.0%
  • The net labor multiplier saw a decrease to an average of 2.96, down quite significantly from a spike of 3.02 in 2018
  • Firms saw a change in direction for overhead rates for the first time in five years, increasing from 154% to 155%
  • The average collection period dropped by one day to 71 days

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What Does Your Bench Look Like?

Time. Considered one of the most precious things in life.

As a Resource Manager, why not ensure your team has the right person, with the right skills, on the right projects and save yourself and your team time to deliver better projects?

Register for this demo to learn how Deltek for Professional Services will help you efficiently manage your greatest asset – your people.  It was designed with input from Resource Managers from top consulting firms in the industry.  See how Deltek can help you:

  • See incoming opportunities so you have visibility into resourcing needs both now and the future
  • Minimize burnout with early detection of resource over allocation
  • Identify what resources are being over utilized and what resources being underutilized
  • Determine the financial impact of staffing in-house, recruiting or using subcontractors
  • Identify gaps in resource schedules to accelerate hiring and onboarding


Date: Thursday, August 23, 2018

Time: 7 PM (SA Time)

Duration: 1 Hour

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Thanks to all that attended the Silversoft Cape Town and Johannesburg discussions on Key Agency Challenges and how to achieve more. Industry experts David Breytenbach from Ogilvy South Africa and Rene Praestholm from Deltek Workbook talked through industry challenges and how agencies can leverage technology to streamline their businesses and gain better insight for decision making. Excellent engagement and conversations were had with the leading agencies on the continent, and some great insights on how we can all work smarter to thrive in our emerging market.


Gartner Report: The Tide is Shifting to Project-Based ERP & PSA. Why Services Firms must move to integrated, industry specific solutions.

In the past, professional services firms were forced to choose enterprise software systems built for manufacturers and distributors with bolt-on applications that were never truly integrated. Clearly, that’s not the ideal solution for services firms that prosper by delivering on-time, on-budget engagements for clients.

The world has changed, and now services firms can have it all with purpose-built PSA and ERP solutions built for their industry and the way they work.

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Join us for a 30 minute demonstration showcasing the different areas of Deltek’s Project Information Management solution designed specifically for architecture, engineering, and construction firms. Here you’ll learn how Deltek PIM’s simple processes will help streamline your business, improve project profitability, and provide more time for creative endeavors.

Highlights include:

  • What is PIM and why do I need it?
  • Email management
  • Document management
  • Managing design deliverables
  • Contract management

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Date: Thursday, October 19, 2017, 7 PM (South Africa).

Automate your Project Management

Download this On Demand webinar, where Iain Ravenhill, Deltek Vision Product Expert, explains how you can:

1- Get live visibility into key business metrics 
2-Allow Project Managers to speed up the invoicing and collection process 
3- How to log time and expenses with a few clicks 
4- Use your mobile device to make decisions on the go 

What key changes will this result for in our business?:

Billings: Significant increase in billings and turnover
Improve Collection: reduce days outstanding to 30 days
Project Resourcing: Find the right resource for the job. Price projects better for higher GM%

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Webinar: Did your Performance Management Make the Grade? Learn the latest trends in Performance Management.

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“I can’t wait for my annual performance review” – Said no one, ever!

Appraisals are a popular topic right now and there’s a lot of buzz about changing the way performance reviews are given and received. But how can you know what’s right for your organization and your employees? Help continue the success of your employees and your business by implementing a successful performance management system.

In this webinar, Monique Hernandez from Brilliant HR will speak about the latest trends in Performance Management, how to get the communication between both employee and manager in alignment, feedback tips for managers, and success stories.



  • Pros & Cons of Annual vs. Ongoing Reviews
  • Feedback Tips for Managers
  • Successful Performance Management Implementation Stories
Monique Hernandez
CEO, BrilliantHR

Achieve End-to-End Project Management with Deltek’s Integrated Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Suite

In today’s complex business environment, the more aligned an organization’s people, processes and tools, the better it becomes at executing projects and delivering exceptional results.

Download this Infographic to learn more.

Project Information Management. Access critical firm-wide and project information in one central location

Project Information Management provides project management and collaboration tools designed to help employees access critical project information so they can keep teams connected throughout the entire project lifecycle. And, it goes beyond the project. Project Information Management helps firms organize hundreds of files across all aspects of their business in one central location, giving companies the organization, visibility and intelligence to run their businesses smarter.

Learn how Project Information Management can save time and money. Download the Brief below

4 Types of Project Information you should use PIM Software to Manage

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As a project-centric business there are probably times when you wish that you had better control over the information flowing in and out of your business and projects.

With a multitude of emails, contracts, drawings and other design deliverables and documentation being created as part of each and every project you work on, ensuring that it’s all managed correctly is key to successful delivery.

That’s where Project Information Management (PIM) comes in. The 4 types of project information you should manage as part of your PIM strategy are:

  • Emails
  • Documentation
  • Design Deliverables
  • Contracts

Take control of your project information!

Did you know that implementing a Project Information Management strategy and system can increase efficiency, reduce risk and increase the success of your projects?

Download your copy of Project Information Management eBook for Dummies to:

  • Discover how to manage your project information more effectively
  • Learn how creating a single version of the truth will reduce risk and make your project information easier to file, access, review, distribute and control

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