Good news for Architecture & Engineering (A&E) firms large and small – financial performance remains stable across the industry as uncovered by the 39th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study.  That being said, the environment is not without challenges.

Overall, firms reported an increase in operating profit, but they also saw an increase in overhead rates coupled with decreases in utilization, net labor multiplier, and net revenue per employee. All of this indicates a stable, but potentially challenging environment. Here are a few of the key highlights from this year’s study:

  • Average operating profit on net revenue was 13.2%, up just slightly from 13% last year
  • Utilization rates dropped slightly this year to 59.4% from 60.0%
  • The net labor multiplier saw a decrease to an average of 2.96, down quite significantly from a spike of 3.02 in 2018
  • Firms saw a change in direction for overhead rates for the first time in five years, increasing from 154% to 155%
  • The average collection period dropped by one day to 71 days

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Thanks to all that attended the Silversoft Cape Town and Johannesburg discussions on Key Agency Challenges and how to achieve more. Industry experts David Breytenbach from Ogilvy South Africa and Rene Praestholm from Deltek Workbook talked through industry challenges and how agencies can leverage technology to streamline their businesses and gain better insight for decision making. Excellent engagement and conversations were had with the leading agencies on the continent, and some great insights on how we can all work smarter to thrive in our emerging market.



4 Types of Project Information you should use PIM Software to Manage

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As a project-centric business there are probably times when you wish that you had better control over the information flowing in and out of your business and projects.

With a multitude of emails, contracts, drawings and other design deliverables and documentation being created as part of each and every project you work on, ensuring that it’s all managed correctly is key to successful delivery.

That’s where Project Information Management (PIM) comes in. The 4 types of project information you should manage as part of your PIM strategy are:

  • Emails
  • Documentation
  • Design Deliverables
  • Contracts

Take control of your project information!

Did you know that implementing a Project Information Management strategy and system can increase efficiency, reduce risk and increase the success of your projects?

Download your copy of Project Information Management eBook for Dummies to:

  • Discover how to manage your project information more effectively
  • Learn how creating a single version of the truth will reduce risk and make your project information easier to file, access, review, distribute and control

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What does your Scorecard look like?

The 38th Annual Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Industry Report is the oldest and most comprehensive resource for A&E leaders, and this year’s study includes responses from more than 550 participants in the A&E Industry. How does your firm measure up to the average A&E firm and the high performing firms in the industry?

Check your firm’s score below and identify your key areas of improvement.

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Deltek for Professional Services: Resource Manager

WHAT IF…You had access to the right information, at the right time, to always assign the right people to the right engagements?

Deltek for Professional Services helps you:


  • See incoming opportunities so you have visibility into resourcing needs both now and in the future
  • Identify what resources are being over-utilized and what resources are being underutilized to help you balance the workload
  • Determine the financial impact of staffing in house, recruiting or using subcontractors


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Project Risk Management for Dummies eBook

Risks are an everyday part of the life of a project. But with countless factors threatening both a project’s schedule and budget, how in the world are project managers and sponsors supposed sleep at night? The answer is effective Project Risk Management.

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned project professional or are just getting started, download this eBook for everything you need to know about proactively managing project risk.

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What if…you change the way you manage Company-wide Financials? Deltek for Professional Services helps you:

 Generate invoices that are correct and on time the first time, every time
  Utilize dashboards and alerts that tell you when things need your attention
   Monitor key metrics, such as margins, utilization, cash flow and many other important metrics
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2017 Trends in Project and Portfolio Management

We all know that failed projects can send a ripple effect through an organization…but to what extent? The truth is, this can be felt all the way up and down the chain of the corporate hierarchy, ultimately impacting employment. So how do you stop this domino effect, or more importantly how do you decrease the likelihood of failure?

I give the example of a project as a marathon made up of a series of sprints. To complete a marathon, it takes preparation. Or, in the case of projects, project planning. You also need to be fit – meaning having the right mix of skills. Marathon runners have to train hard and often, and some would agree that it’s the same for project teams.

Here is the bottom line: Marathoners make running their business. Similarly, projects are our business and we have to execute, evolve and execute better.  Looking at the overall project management ecosystem, here are five of the most important concepts trending in 2017.

-The ever increasing role of the project manager.
-The Role of the PMO is increasing.
-PPM in the cloud is the key technology trend in 2017
-Self-service cost and schedule.
-Personal connections can impact the success of a project


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5 Ways for Consulting Firms to Use Technology to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Any winning strategy needs a solid foundation, and for talent management, the foundation you’ll build upon is technology. It will automate processes, create a better experience for your users, and improve the bottom line.

But you don’t just want any technology. If chosen wisely and implemented successfully, the right technology can be a game changer.

Download here the 5 ways consulting firms can leverage technology to attract and retain top talent.

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Vision Resource Planning Demo

For project-based businesses, nothing is more important than your resources. But, often times firms use multiple, fragmented systems that leads to frustrated staff, overbooked or underutilized staff, and time-consuming data management. This all results in projects that are late and over budget.

Join us for a demonstration of how Vision Resource Planning, combined with the power of iAccess, can help your project managers quickly and more effectively manage their projects. Easily identify potential areas of risk or opportunities to exceed deadlines or budgets to improve profitability and overall client satisfaction. Register below

Deltek Vision Performance Management Demo

Most firms strive to set strategic direction, monitor performance, make adjustments, make effective decisions, provide a feedback loop and measure the results. But, how do you do it effectively? How can you take your strategic plans and monitor your progress so you can quickly and effectively make the necessary adjustments for your business to thrive instead of just survive?

This demonstration shows how Deltek and Vision Performance Management (VPM) give you the right tools and data to make the right decisions for your business. With VPM, you can proactively improve performance and mitigate risks across the entire organization. Register below.

Deltek Vision Asset Management Demo

Do you manage your fixed assets with the same precision as you manage your projects and people? Do you know where your assets are and what they are currently worth? And, are your assets performing as needed for your firm?

Join us for an upcoming demo to explore the seamless integration between Asset Management and the Vision Purchasing and Accounting functions in Vision. The result is simpler, easier and more accurate management of your assets. Register Below.

Deltek Vision CRM Demo

Designed specifically for project-focused businesses, Deltek Vision Customer Relationship Management (CRM) makes it possible for everyone in your organization to work together to meet your clients’ needs. By automating client and opportunity management, you can gain a competitive edge, win more business and increase client satisfaction.

Join our experts to learn more about how Deltek Vision CRM can improve your marketing and business development so you can win more. Register Below.

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