This webinar will touch some of the basics of HR and what their perspective is as well as how this fits into some of the needs of talent acquisition. Watch a high level summary of the recruitment process and latest trends.

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Deltek is pleased to release a new product in the Acumen suite! This enterprise solution aligns owner/contractor processes and expectations by providing a single, centralized repository for storing, evaluating and benchmarking project schedules and updates. Now, all project stakeholders can work from the same set of criteria, and reviews, approvals, and updates happen automatically.

Join us to learn firsthand how this tool can help your organization:

  • Save time
  • Enforce schedule quality rules
  • Provide unprecedented project insight

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Three Big Opportunities for AEC Firm Profitability

Generally speaking, professional services firms have subpar profitability. They should be able to operate in excess of 20% return on net, but are held back by some combination of a consistent set of problems. This short online seminar, will cover the three largest opportunities for improvement by increasing utilization, reducing overhead costs, and improving pricing.

PSMJ’s Brian P. Flynn has studied the economic performance of professional services firms for over thirty years. This presentation is a distillation of his experiences. He will share his practical solutions and guide you towards using your inherent analytical problem solving skills to make your firm both more profitable and easier to operate.

Learn how to:

  • Boost your firm’s overall billability
  • Reduce your firm’s non-labor overhead costs
  • Improve the pricing of your firm’s services


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Wouldn’t it be better if you could identify early warnings of project cost and schedule issues, gain real-time visibility into project status, and deliver projects at the original cost expectations you set with your clients? This webinar will discuss how small to mid-sized companies can leverage tools and processes to properly manage projects across the organization.

Highlights of the webinar include how you can:

  • Move beyond Excel and other disjointed tools to better manage project costs
  • Eliminate manual processes when analyzing budgets, actuals, and forecasts
  • Establish baselines for cost and predict future expenses with “what-if” analysis
  • Tie project information to financial plans
  • And more!

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We are all aware that there are many benefits to an organization in offering learning opportunities to their employees.  Employees are more highly engaged, retention rates are higher, customers experience greater levels of service, job satisfaction is improved and there are positive effects on key business outcomes.

However, have you ever thought about the impact on productivity?  How do the benefits differ for the learner and the company?  Are there any real differences between classroom learning and e-Learning?  Where is the training budget going and are we getting the best ROI?

During this webinar, discover how to better capture your audience and effectively deliver your content to achieve the desired impact on overall productivity.  Learn about the shifting trends in the industry, what learners are now seeking in learning opportunities, and what is driving these changes.

Join us as Kathryn Gordon, Silversoft’s Sales Manager explore the topic of productivity and e-Learning.

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