Consulting Firm Metrics that Really matter in 2017

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WATCH ON DEMAND: What if…you could find out from industry experts and peers which metrics REALLY matter for consulting firms in 2017?

Join us for a candid conversation with consulting industry experts, Tom Rodenhauser, General Manager, ALM Intelligence, Dave Hofferberth, Managing Director Service Performance Insights, and Amy Champigny, Director, Finance, Carpedia International, Ltd., will share their insights, analysis, and first-hand experience with KPIs that truly drive growth and profitability.

On this webinar you will hear:

  • How engagements could be more profitable?
  • How finance can decrease administrative costs?
  • Why business development could generate more proposals with the same headcount?
  • How Engagement Managers could decrease project overruns
  • And what if the technology running my business just worked? And was easy to use?