Deltek acquires Union Square

On July 20, 2016, Deltek announced that it has acquired Union Square, a provider of world-class project information and collaboration software built for the unique needs of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) practices around the world. Union Square improves the quality and accuracy of information and enhances project team collaboration by delivering a single solution for managing vital project information such as contacts, emails, drawings and documents.

Deltek, the global ERP market leader in the Architecture and Engineering industry, works with over 12,000 AEC firms around the world. Deltek powers the complete project lifecycle for AEC firms of all sizes through cutting-edge business development, project and resource management and financial management solutions. By acquiring Union Square, we will not only be the system of record for all activities and transactions around winning and managing projects, but will now also be the center for all information generated throughout the project management process.  Deltek will empower AEC firms to unify project transactions and information, enabling them to manage projects faster and more profitably than ever before.

Helping you manage and collaborate on your critical project information

Like Deltek, Union Square understands the needs of AEC firms around the globe. Together, we will enable AEC firms to store, organize and leverage a complete set of information around each project – ensuring that project teams can collaborate effectively as they successfully manage projects for clients.  Union Square’s features include:

  • Document Management
    • Robust workflows that drive consistency and effective QA processes, by enforcing a single methodology for how your practice manages information
    • Easy access to information and the ability to save, find, access and share information across the firm
    • Prevention of documentation duplication – ensuring everyone always accesses the latest document
  • Email Management
    • Ability to save emails from Outlook in just two clicks
    • Ability to save just one copy of an email and avoid duplication of email storage
    • Ability to save all project correspondence and attachments centrally and permanently
  • Drawing Management
    • Enhanced consistency across projects by creating drawings from a schemes library to meet CAD standards
    • Improved drawing production by providing a single ‘work to’ list per project, including the option to assign ownership and completion deadlines
    • Ability to search across project portfolios and clone drawing numbers from template projects to speed up the production of new drawings
  • Revit Integration
    • Quicker creation-to-issue processes, driving consistency across design documentation and delivering quality output in line with firm’s practice standards
    • Synchronized model sheet information with live drawing register and monitor approval/issue status at the click of a button
  • Contract Management
    • A central system to create, monitor and complete key communications, such as Requests for Information (RFIs) and Technical Queries (TQs) – ensuring mission-critical information is just a click away
    • Standardized contract management documentation to ensure brand consistency, using templates to create forms and workflows
    • Better support for project management responsibilities by controlling contract forms, such as Change Requests, Supervising Officer Instructions (SOIs), Interim and Final Valuation Certificates and Practical Completion Certificates

While Deltek will be offering Union Square as a standalone platform, we will also be integrating Union Square into key parts of our existing ERP solutions. To see Union Square’s solutions in action, please pre-register for a webinar on this topic here. We will also be talking much more about Deltek and Union Square at our Insight 2016 User Conference in November, attended by thousands of AEC professionals each year.