Deltek’s social collaboration platform empowers businesses to better communicate, collaborate and get things done together.

HERNDON, Va. – July 18, 2013 – Deltek, the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for professional services firms and government contractors, today announced the general availability of Kona Business, the premium version of the company’s cloud-based social collaboration and productivity platform that empowers project-based organizations and their teams to collaborate and work better together.

For 30 years, Deltek has been laser-focused on helping project-based businesses achieve higher levels of business performance. Deltek understands the challenges of delivering successful projects and has identified poor collaboration and misaligned teams as one of the primary inhibitors to successful project delivery. To solve this problem, Deltek harnessed the connectivity power of social media to create Kona, a social platform that allows all key departments within an organization to stay aligned – including the all-important project management teams – to drive profitable outcomes for the business.

From colleagues to customers to sub-contractors to partners, Kona Business uniquely connects the dots between people, processes and technology through easy to use conversation spaces, task lists, common calendars, and file-sharing. With Kona in place, conversations, key deliverables, important documents, and major milestones are all collected and unified in context so teams can identify issues, solve problems, and keep everyone up to date on the status of deadlines and deliverables. Delivered through a secure cloud-based architecture, Kona Business offers organizations both a project/task management platform and a social networking solution to drive alignment across key activities and projects.

While Kona Business is a game-changing solution on its own, it is also connected to Deltek’s enterprise solutions helping to expose critical information, plans, and status updates from Deltek’s applications in an easily viewable way. With information exposed quickly and easily, collective decisions can be made faster and better across the organization. Kona Business complements Deltek’s solutions for business development, finance, project management, IT and other departments.

“We’re witnessing a true evolution in how business gets done that is all about making better, faster, and smarter decisions. To do this effectively, the right information needs to be shared quickly and effectively with the right teams on a daily basis so they can work better together, and social technologies are the conduit to make that happen. With this evolution in mind, we developed Kona, a social platform that is all about sharing information efficiently and collaborating effectively to make smart decisions,” said Mike Corkery, CEO of Deltek. “When you use Kona – and tie it to Deltek’s market-leading enterprise applications – companies are empowered with the information they need to make good decisions.

This combination is especially powerful for project-based companies because projects teams need to communicate and collaborate effectively to deliver what the customer wants.” “Kona Business is becoming our primary communication tool for all internal and external collaboration for our project management teams, our finance teams and more,” said Cindy Cates, Vice President of Finance at EDI Ltd. “The biggest difference between Kona and other tools I’ve used in the past is that I can see the status of important milestones and activities without having to ask. In just finance alone, our month-end process has gone much more smoothly because I don’t need to instant message or call people to ask for status updates.”

“Kona has become one of my company’s most valuable applications for managing multi-million dollar processes and solutions with countless partners on a daily basis – whether we’re at our desks or on-the-go,” said Joshua Larson, Marketing & Proposal Manager at Mele Associates – a leading government contractor.

To learn more about how Kona Business will empower your teams to work better together, visit our website. Kona Business is offered as a bundled package with Deltek’s market leading solutions, and can also be purchased as a standalone platform.

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