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Time & Expense registration for project control and profitability in your PS firm.

Introducing the Time – on Time concept

Getting employees to submit accurate time entries remains a challenge. There are probably as many reasons for delayed timesheets as there are employees supposed to submit timesheets. One reason for low quality time capture is the fact that many employees tend to submit their time at the last moment. At that point, time will certainly be entered swiftly – but not necessarily very accurately.

Deltek Maconomy’s Time – on Time concept is about capturing time immediately after the service has been delivered – not at the end of the week when only the broad picture remains. The result: when the time entered is accurate, more time becomes invoiceable because employees have a tendency to register more time on internal jobs when they are uncertain–or cannot remember–how many hours they spent working on a particular job on a particular day. Also, the Finance department can eliminate time spent on correcting registration errors and sending credit notes to the customer.

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