Nurture Talent Together

Our Development module is a web-based, interactive solution for developing employees, increasing employee retention and planning for the future needs of the organisation. Our highly configurable solution allows managers and employees to develop career paths together. Discover strengths and areas in need of development with a detailed gap analysis, then build development plans to help grow and develop employees.

Identify successors based not only on required skills, competencies and job experience, but also on an employee’s desire to hold the job. Advanced search tools facilitate finding hidden talent within the organisation that may have otherwise been overlooked. After potential successors have been chosen, view the Domino List to determine the strength of your succession planning and uncover areas that may need further attention. Easily locate your top employees, those who may need development and those you wish to transition out with the most configurable 9 Box on the market. You can also view your attrition data on the 9 Box to determine the impact of the talent you may be losing.