How to Manage Your PS Talent from Hire to Retire


Part of the Professional Services ‘Tough Questions’ Series – Don’t get caught unprepared!

Your company as just won a major contract that will require hiring and ramping 50 highly specialized people to work on the new project. As the senior director of HR and Recruiting you feel excited about the challenge – but a bit nervous at the same time because it’s high visibility and there are lots of unknowns.  The CEO has called an executive staff meeting which you were advised to attend.
During the meeting you are completely caught off guard when the CEO turns to you abruptly and asks:

…How fast can you hire the people we need and ensure we get the best candidates? 

…How long will it take for us to ramp these new employees to billable status without putting pressure on existing staff?

…What actions are we taking to minimize attrition and ensure key talent doesn’t leave?

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