• ’’We’ve looked around the world for a smart administrative solution. Something that can give us better ability to resource the business, better workflow systems, and we found that in WorkBook.’’

    Rob Hill – Chief Operating Officer


What is most important to your agency?


Protect your greatest asset with greater transparency into resource capacity and utilisation.

  • Avoid burnout and know when to hire
  • Identify and better utilise your “bench”
  • Forecast staff capacity months in advance
  • Reduce over-servicing by using approved quotes to create project plans


Get ahead of potential issues with complete visibility into project progress and costs.

  • Get a holistic view of all project costs at a glance
  • Automatically post expenses to the right project
  • Integrate task management and task entry for more accurate data
  • Take corrective action before anything impacts your bottom line

Collaboration &

Enhance teamwork and productivity with built-in collaboration features.

  • Reduce reliance on email and chat tools
  • Centralise file sharing and project communication
  • Work with team members across the globe
  • Enhance client relationships with greater transparency

Proofing &

Accelerate the review cycle and deliver more approved content by centralising feedback.

  • Give and get clear and actionable feedback
  • Reduce unnecessary re-work
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and lower production costs
  • Reallocate valuable time to the production pipeline

CRM & Pipeline

Go further than adding contacts and activities by connecting pipeline information to estimates, resource capacity or scheduling.

  • Know if and when you should bring in more work
  • Begin tracking invested time earlier
  • Build more accurate estimates
  • Feed cash flow and revenue forecasts with weighted data

Resourcing &

Get ahead of potential issues with complete visibility into resources and project costs, while centralising team and client communication in one place.

  • Avoid burnout and know when to hire
  • Spot potential issues and take corrective action
  • Centralise project communication
  • Enhance client relationships with greater transparency

Finance &

Simplify agency finance and get a comprehensive view of your agency’s performance by integrating all of your project and operational costs into the same tool.

  • Calculate accurate short- and long-term forecasts
  • Ensure accuracy and compliance with approval workflows
  • Recoup valuable time during month-end reporting
  • Integrate with other business intelligence and financial software

Transform the way your agency performs

Times are tough for advertising and digital marketing agencies. Agency-of-record relationships and retainers are dwindling while start-ups transform the competitive landscape on a daily basis. Project volume increases while turnaround times decrease. Clients demand more, but want to pay less. Your margins are squeezed, procurement processes tightened and resourcing needs complicated. This is where Deltek can help.

Deltek’s portfolio of offerings are purpose built for agencies and can be seamlessly and securely delivered on-premise or via the Cloud. Our solutions are flexible for account and operations management, controlled for finance and easy to use for creatives. From engaging with a client to planning a job, scheduling resources and project delivery to billing and reporting on profits and utilization, we help you manage your business so you can focus on your clients. Agencies turn to Deltek to deliver better business results, achieve higher margins and make work more enjoyable for everyone.

Find out more about the products we use in our solutions

Built by agency veterans, Deltek WorkBook is a total agency management system that provides best practice solutions to help your agency grow. WorkBook makes it easier to focus on your clients and make strategic decisions for the future by streamlining projects, people and finance from end-to-end, giving you better control, insight and visibility at any time.

Whether you’re an in-house creative team producing content for marketing campaigns or an agency responsible for delivering spectacular digital marketing campaigns for your clients, creative assets need to be reviewed and approved before they are distributed. Deltek ConceptShare’s online proofing software enables marketing and creative teams to deliver more content faster, and at less cost by streamlining and speeding up the review and approval process.

Smart Agency Management

A smarter system that integrates project management, resource planning, CRM, file sharing, forecasting and accounting across all agency operations.

Not all Agencies have the same needs. Some are only looking for time sheet software while others want to use WorkBook for all of their business processes. That’s fine – you can choose exactly what modules suit your needs and ONLY pay for what you use. From CRM to Finance and Accounting… WorkBook can do it all.

Who’s using it:
Key clients in Advertising, Digital, PR companies, Architecture and IT Consulting firms.

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Real returns for our clients:

  • Reduced over-servicing and scope creep

  • Decreased unnecessary rework

  • Improve staff utilisation

  • Streamlined month-end close process

* Source: client research

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