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CRM & Pipeline

Differentiate your firm with Deltek Vantagepoint, allowing you to win business and build lasting client relationships more effectively.

With Vantagepoint’s CRM and pipeline management feature, you can track upcoming deadlines and milestones and understand where your pipeline gaps are, allowing your firm to nurture prospect and client relationships easily.


Deltek Vantagepoint allows your firm to select resources based on capacity and experience, making it easier to deliver successfully on projects. By being able to monitor capacity, you can build profitable project plans and are able to avoid staff burn-out.


It is important to ensure that your firm has the tools to manage projects effectively from initial pursuit through to close out. Avoid cost overrun and potential risks by ensuring that your entire team has visibility into all aspects of your project with Deltek Vantagepoint.

Accounting &
Financial Management

Speed up your firm’s billing process and ultimately cash flow with Deltek Vantagepoint’s interactive billing tools. Empower your team to quickly and efficiently capture all expenses on mobile, thereby ensuring all applicable hours are billed per project.

Reporting &
Business Intelligence

Ensure your firm is able to make better-informed decisions in order to stay competitive. This can only occur when you have complete visibility into every aspect of your business. With Deltek Vantagepoint’s easy-to-use reports and dashboarding functionality, you are able to quickly identify potential challenges and determine the overall health of your business.

Document &
Email Management

Improve your team’s efficiency by providing them easy access to all project information in a centralised cloud solution. Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) is your firm’s single source of truth for all project drawings, emails and documentation.

Project Driven Solutions for Engineering Firms

Whether it is winning new projects, recruiting top talent, delivering exceptional projects or forecasting next quarter’s financial performance, Architecture and Engineering firms are constantly looking ahead. With the proper tools in place, your firm can be well-positioned to overcome industry challenges and create a competitive advantage.

Deltek empowers your firm to deliver the speed of design and the breadth of services that your clients demand. Our project-based ERP solutions can be seamlessly and securely delivered on-premise or via the Cloud and can help A&E firms manage the complete project lifecycle, including business development, project management, talent management, document management and financial management. Whether you’re a small growing firm, or a larger sophisticated organization, Deltek has the right solution for you

Leading Cloud Management Software for Engineers

Deltek Vantagepoint allows you to put your projects and people at the centre of your business. With a complete view of your company in a single place, your firm can drive efficiency and productivity.

Deltek Project Information Management allows teams to be more efficient so they can spend more time on billable work. Specifically designed for the Architecture and Engineering Consulting industry, Deltek PIM is the one source of truth for corporate and project information.

Secure Your Firm’s Future Through Digital Transformation

Data replication from static spreadsheets and documents not only wastes time, but it erodes the integrity of information that should ensure project success.

Ensure your firm is well-positioned to overcome industry challenges, it is the only way to success in a highly competitive market where the projects you wine can make or break your financial security.

Deltek ERP solutions empowers engineering firms to deliver the breadth of services that clients demand, and ensure your internal processes are streamlined, allowing your team to perform optimally.

  • Manage opportunities with CRM
  • Manage the entire project lifecycle, from bid to delivery
  • Manage your fee schedule to price your bids accurately and competitively
  • Recruit and retain the right team members at the right time
  • Communicate and share real-time information across departments and offices
  • Create a strong team dynamic and collaboration that ensure project success and contributes to employee satisfaction
  • Enable mobility and flexibility

Our Clients


Real returns for our clients:

  • Reduced over-servicing and scope creep

  • Decreased unnecessary rework

  • Improve staff utilisation

  • Streamlined month-end close process

* Source: client research

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