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Sound Scheduling is the Foundation of Project Success
Accurately forecasting of cost, completion and revenue all hinges on a solid, reliable project schedule. Produces clear and concise reports so analysis and performance can easily be reported to contractors along with to-do lists of any needed improvements. Hierarchical reporting accommodates planners, schedulers and executive’s needs. You can drill down, slicing and dicing through multiple levels (e.g.Work Breakdown) or by any other code or user field to quickly pinpoint potential issues with your schedule. Summarise detailed results and publish to project dashboards, executive briefings and PowerPoint presentations, all at the click of a button.

Gain competitive advantages:

Implemented and enforced with ease
Software seamlessly integrates to import numerous types of project data for immediate analysis
Ttime-savings over manual processes
Required and/or recommended agency oversight standards are built in
Unrivaled reporting flexibility, tailored to fit your audience and information

Project Comparison
Forensic analysis to identify schedule changes and their potential impact on the project. Forensic analysis that examines any activity attribute, and shows variances between two or more schedules, cost estimates or risk models, so you can track changes and progress across project updates, and drill down to the root causes of delays or overruns. Forensic analysis is unique because it not only tells you what has changed and why, but also the effect of those changes on your overall schedule – for example, whether activity duration changes significantly affect critical path.

Project Risk
Integrate cost and schedule risk analysis with a project team’s existing risk register for an accurate reliable forecast. Simplify the risk analysis process to provide a clear path forward. Capture team input on risk and uncertainty with ease and accuracy:

  • Evaluate and report true cost and schedule risk exposure
  • Identify the high risk areas of the schedule and the drivers behind that risk
  • Learn more about integrated cost and schedule risk analysis with Acumen Risk.


  • See the big picture: Leverage in-depth insights for thousands of activities, across projects and platforms, for a clear view of your entire program.
  • Upgrade your scheduling: Schedule cleanser removes redundancies to save money and give you a better score against industry best practices.
  • Comply with industry standards: Provides the analysis and benchmarking necessary to comply with government and industry standards.

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