What is most important to you?

Easy timesheet capture

Time is at the core of people and project-centric firms. A modern, intuitive and easy process for users to capture their time will increase user adoption and drive profitability.  Knowing what to do, when and having the capability to register work done against such assignments, on any device, is key to driving efficiency.  Engage with Silversoft to provide your users with the best possible time management tools to ensure they are able to focus on delivering their best work.

Improve staff productivity

Visualise your project plans and see your resourcing requirements and constraints come to life. Bridge the gaps between service delivery, project management & resource planning to ensure you gain the intelligence you need to plan optimally and assign the right people to the right work.  With our scheduling and capacity planning tools you can ensure you curb over servicing, staff burnout and drive profitable before.

Improve billing, bill more hours

The ability to generate accurate and timely invoices is at the heartbeat of any services-based firm.  Live, accurate information on your work-in-progress and client billing agreements is key to ensuring a seamless billing process and shortened cash collection cycle.  Ensure you have the right integrated functionality to turn time & costs into cashflow through a state-of-the-art billing workflow designed for the project space.

Increase project profitability

Running separate systems to track projects and finances can lead to mistakes and uninformed decision making. Give your organisation a single entry point for project budget, scheduling, resource planning, costs, billing and accounts. Gain a single comprehensive view of the enterprise so you can make smarter decisions in time to make a difference. Drive project profitability through a single, integrated services workflow and reporting platform.

Gain meaningful business insight

Reporting data and relevant insights need to be available to managers and role players at different levels throughout the organisation. Bringing true business intelligence to an enterprise timeously, requires the integration of accurate data from different systems and processes in a way that suits your business operation.

Organise my chaos

Chaos is natural in any business, but it doesn’t mean you need to live there.  Our portfolio of enterprise software will help you implement structured processes in winning business, delivering on projects, attracting and retaining the right talent, organising your operations and delivering sound financials.  Partner with Silversoft to implement an enterprise-wide solution to drive efficiency in your firm.

Drive performance

Accurate, timely and insightful data can mean competitive advantage for your firm.  Structure your operations around your Key Performance Indicators and ensure that you are able to drive business performance through decisions based on accurate and well presented data.  Our Business Intelligence and reporting portfolios will assist you to excel in your role in your firm, and drive productivity, profitability and effectiveness.

How do we get you there?

Are you under pressure at month end to consolidate ten different excel files to gain better understanding of where your team has spent their time? Do you then need to meet with your colleagues to agree on what to bill the client and what ultimately needs to be written off?  Well, we make that go away…

Our Clients

We work with many of the largest services firms in Africa, who deliver the most complex, exciting and creative projects that shape our continent. We partner with these industry leaders to deliver technology that enables change and drives efficiency in their firms. Some of our clients include:


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