Deltek Acumen

In 2016, Debswana Diamond Mining Company recognized the strategic need to improve their internal project management (PM) skills and systems. But getting from point A to point B was no easy feat.

Join us as we offer a global case study into how an organization can mature its PM processes as learned by the Debswana Diamond Mining Company.  We’ll review the project’s vision and key requirements, the needed approach, the challenges encountered and the ultimate outcomes achieved – as well as how your organization can benefit from their lessons learned.

Key highlights include:

  • How to recognize the need for improvement by identifying and capturing weaknesses in existing PM skills and systems
  • How to design a reasonable and achievable plan for maturity
  • Tips for making the business case to Executives around the need for strategic improvement
  • How to properly staff and balance a PM software implementation project against the PMI Talent Triangle to achieve professional success
  • The key benefits afforded by high levels of PM maturity level, no matter your organizations’ size


Title: Mining for Diamonds: A Global Case Study on Maturing Project Management Processes

Date: Thursday, February 15, 2018

Time: 6PM

Duration: 1 hour

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