MPAMOT Drives Innovation and Operational Efficiency with Silversoft and Deltek



MPAMOT GROUP drives innovation AND OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY THROUGH implementation of WORLDCLASS business management system, RESULTING IN ALIGNMENT OF group AND subsidiary OPERATIONS, AND POSITIONING MPAMOT GROUP to scale and grow operations in Africa.

Leading, 100% black women-owned and managed engineering and development consulting firm, MPAMOT (Pty) Ltd selected Deltek and Silversoft as partners to drive innovation and streamline business processes for the group and subsidiaries through the implementation of an industry leading business management system.

MPAMOT GROUP researched various options to align and optimise group and subsidiary business systems that will streamline and drive workplace efficiency, promote organisational collaboration, information storage, and simplify decision making, through a single industry-focused business management suite that delivers best practice for Consulting Engineers.

Johannesburg, South Africa – 26 March 2021

Silversoft, a Platinum Deltek partner, today announced that Consulting Engineering and development firm MPAMOT (Pty) Ltd  has selected Deltek Vantagepoint and Deltek Talent in the Cloud. MPAMOT will partner with Silversoft South Africa to implement the Deltek tailor-made business management suite for the MPAMOT group and subsidiaries.

MPAMOT is a multidisciplinary consulting engineering and development firm specialising in large-scale catalytic infrastructure and development projects. The MPAMOT Group consists of a holding company and two subsidiaries in South Africa and Lesotho. There are plans to expand into Africa.

Following a rigorous selection process, MPAMOT selected Deltek’s Best of Suite enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Talent Management solutions to streamline and optimise business processes, promote organisational collaboration throughout their excellent talent pool, and ultimately increase efficiency. Allowing MPAMOT to achieve its ultimate strategic goal. MPAMOT will enhance innovation by utilising leading cloud technology to automate and enhance the entire project lifecycle.

MPAMOT GROUP partnered with Deltek & Silversoft to optimise service delivery, people engagement, project, and operations management, further cementing the firm’s reputation for being an innovator in the consulting engineering industry.

Malani Padayachee, chief executive officer of MPAMOT GROUP and subsidiaries says “we are fully committed to not only investing in our firm for long term sustainability, but also innovation within the engineering consulting industry, and believe that in implementing Deltek solutions, we will be taking a big step in the right direction. It is vital to have visibility into the entire business if you want to ensure successful project delivery and our investment into leading cloud technology will ensure that we become a fully integrated organisation with cutting-edge platforms in place.”

“The Silversoft team is exceptionally proud to partner with MPAMOT in their implementation of the Deltek Vantagepoint and Deltek Talent solutions.  We believe that their excellent leadership and vision for the firm, combined with our industry-leading technology platform will help drive their business forward,” says Jacques Du Buisson, Managing Director of Silversoft.



MPAMOT GROUP and subsidiaries MPAMOT Africa and MPAMOT Lesotho provide engineering and development solutions to a range of private and public sector clients.  With nearly 200 highly competent engineering and corporate team members, MPAMOT Group is well placed to provide solutions to clients in the infrastructure, transport, water, energy, health, education, agriculture, and other sectors. MPAMOT values partnerships and collaboration and as such continues to explore opportunities to spearhead development in the engineering and built environment.


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