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From finding and acquiring the right talent, to performance management, to learning and career development, to compensation planning and analytics, Deltek’s unified talent solutions help improve the quality of new hires, increase employee engagement & retention, maintain compliance and streamline your onboarding process.

  • Recruitment

    Enhancing the recruitment experience for both your applicants and management, Deltek Talent Acquisition combines social media integrations, electronic onboarding, unlimited dynamic forms & workflows and full requisition & offer management with an interface that allows you access to any point of data, keeping you a few steps ahead. Once a person is hired, they have immediate access to all the Deltek Talent Management post-hire solutions, should you utilise them.

  • Learning

    Deltek understands that the prosperity of any industry is fuelled by the right instruction, so they developed an interactive solution for clients to manage their learning interventions. Deltek Talent Learning enables you to house a full catalogue of instructor-led, online, or external courses; and the ability to create and automatically assign curricula to direct employees for required new-hire training or for particular job families, organizational units, etc. Employers can access better analytics that talk to any particular employee’s Performance and Development requirements.

  • Performance

    The Deltek Talent Performance solution empowers employees and managers to actively manage the performance process. Automating the appraisal process removes the administrative burden, freeing employees and managers to focus on what is really important: taking accountability for discussing and scoring the appraisal, allowing for the inclusion of competencies, goals, cascading goals and more. Since Performance is Unified with the rest of the Deltek Talent Management modules, it allows organizations to leverage data gathered on all aspects of the employee’s career, and view each employee through a powerful reporting tool.

  • Development

    The Deltek Talent Development solution empowers organizations as they plan for the future. It increases visibility by enabling organizations to easily identify and develop top talent. In addition to grooming upcoming talent to move into key positions, you can effortlessly identify and remedy gaps in your succession planning. Within a Unified solution, you are able to look back through the entire employee lifecycle and easily locate your top employees, those who may need development, and those you may wish to transition out with the most configurable 9 Box on the market.