Resource Planning for Dummies eBook

Discover how you can get the right people, on the right projects, at the right time to drive enhanced profitability for your business.


Successful and profitable projects, happy clients, and happy employees. That’s what you want from your organization, right? You want successful and profitable projects that are managed with a seamless process, you need visibility into problems before they became real issues, and you’ve got to have it all on time and on budget.

In this picture of perfection, those on‐time and on‐budget projects create happy clients. These projects are completed by employees who are happy because they’ve been assigned projects that fit their specific skills, experience, and aspirations, employees who aren’t overbooked or under‐scheduled, who have visibility into their upcoming work and enjoy smooth transitions on and off projects. It’s a wonderful equation: happy employees + happy customers = successful projects.

Successful projects lead to winning more work, and that in turn creates a successful organization. That’s nirvana! Many organizations, unfortunately, only dream of this nirvana. Most wake up to big challenges related to managing their projects. Many use multiple systems to track progress, and they suffer when it comes to scheduling, budgeting, and resourcing. They can’t find the right people to assign to the projects, so they have to compromise. They can’t figure out why billing is declining, they struggle to accurately forecast revenue and profitability for proposals and actual projects, they can’t seem to hire the right people fast enough, some of their resources are over‐utilized some are underutilized — and they’re tracking this nightmare using spreadsheets.

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