Employee Loyalty. A thing of the past?

In past decades, regardless of industry, people only searched for a job when they needed one. They would stay in one place for their entire career and were incredibly loyal. However, in today’s world, people are, more open than ever to opportunities outside their existing employment. In fact, research from CareerBuilder suggests that by age 35, a quarter of workers have held five jobs or more.

So, what does this mean for the consulting industry, is employee loyalty a thing of the past?


Talent in Consulting

As we know, the consulting industry is battling a shortage of talent. As a result, it is an employee’s market as opposed to an employer’s market.

In addition, with the digital revolution underway, the new generation of workers bring valuable and in-demand digital skills to the consulting industry. This talent is not only being chased by your competitors, it’s also considering moving jobs frequently for the right opportunity. In this competitive context, how do you keep your employees loyal?

”The next generation of students are very digitally aware. Attracting and retaining them requires digital dexterity.”
Partner, FTSE Top 100 consulting firm (Consulting Industry Snapshot 2016)

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