Talent Management Full Suite Demo Webinar

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Looking for a way to beat the competition in the ongoing war for talent?

Finding and retaining talent is no easy task, but with Silversoft Talent Management solutions, businesses are able to establish an environment where the people are front and center, invested in and stay for a long time.

Silversoft’s Talent Management solutions streamline and automate the employee lifecycle allowing you to efficiently manage prospective and current employees from a single platform, monitor compliance requirements and ultimately provide better processes for every stage form hire to retire.  With these new processes in place, HR can now dedicate their time to strategic planning and allow the workforce to be the ‘administrators’.

The result? Higher profitability, higher engagement and lower staff turnover.

Join Silversoft’s Kathryn Gordon on the 16th February at 10am for a look at the latest trends facing HR in 2017 and a full demonstration of the Talent Management software to see how your firm can:

  • Decrease the time it takes to find qualified candidates
  • Create an onboarding process to get your new hires settled into their new jobs effectively and efficiently
  • Automate your performance review process with more meaningful goals and results
  • Develop your employee through career goals and continued learning
  • Retain your top talent with personalised career paths and succession planning

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