Talent Management Webinar: “The Building Blocks”

Talent Management - The Building Blocks

The goal of a successful talent management strategy is to attract, develop and retain the best employees. There are many components to this strategy, but one that plays an especially critical role is that of implementing skills and competencies into every aspect of talent management.

Not only should you be identifying the skills and competencies of your current employees, but you should also know which skills and competencies would be ideal when you are searching for the perfect candidate – either for a new hire, or for a successor to a critical role.

During this webinar on Thursday 3rd December 2015 Nick Gordon, HRsmart Account Manager at Silversoft, a Deltek Premier Partner will:

  • Delve into the definitions and differences between skills and competencies,
  • Identify the types of competencies and the importance of both as critical business drivers.
  • Offer some guidance on  the top 10 things necessary to set up competencies in talent management.
  • Demonstrate why Talent Management cannot be effective without these essential building blocks.

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