Keep your HR Data Centralised in one Integrated System

Today’s business environment is very different from the one 20 years ago. Working arrangements have become more flexible and technology has given the opportunity for employees to share information quicker and more easily. This is why a centralised HR system becomes essential to keep all the data as a whole.

In addition, due to Globalization and the nature of all business, many of the employees of these organizations need to work across multiple time zones and employees cannot wait days for information, they will need it right away at their fingertips. Mobile Technology and media platforms have also help in the quick and efficient exchange of information.

As a result, obtaining a system that is role based and have have varying access rights to give the employees the opportunity to access any information wherever and whenever has been of utmost importance. Now, to get the most advantage of such system, the primary focus should be on centralising all the HR Data so it is easily accessible.

However, it is also of utmost importance that once this system is implemented, employees are able to update their personal information, managers can properly enter a team member’s profile and manage their absence and directors can run reports properly, otherwise the data better go back and sit inside cupboards as it was. This is why the proper utilization and implementation of the system becomes extremely important to see high ROI.

Ensuring the correct access rights will free up employee’s time and lower operating costs..Tasks that are duplicated across functions can be addressed and a lot of back and forth, particularly with new starters, can be reduced. For example, new hires can input their information directly which in turn, then interlinks with other relevant information across all systems.

We must also be careful to not underestimate the positive impact this new technology will have on the employee’s experience. A streamlined, efficient solution will reduce stress and time previously wasted on trying to source all relevant information held in multiple locations. In addition, with the data in one integrated system, reporting capabilities improve which enables managers to review the findings and make quicker, more informed business decisions.

In summary, the centralisation of HR data, with the right system, is invaluable if done properly and can benefit those who need access to the information held.

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