Top 8 Best Practices to Increase your Resource Utilization

Resource Utlization

How to Increase your Utilization Rate and reduce the need for subcontractors

“In today’s challenging economic climate…” How many times have you read that opening phrase in media articles? Yes, things have been challenging fiscally, and indeed remain so, not least for Professional Services Organizations (PSOs). They have perhaps suffered more than other types of organizations.

Why? Because they don’t manufacture products but rather sell consulting services, or more specifically, people skills – and that’s a much tougher sell today. But through good or bad times, the equation that defines business success for PSOs remains the same: optimizing people skills = increased profitability.

While the math may be simple, of course, the realization of this potential can be a lot more challenging. Resource Management is emerging as the solution to solving this equation. It effectively provides a framework within which PSOs can easily and effectively plan, implement and deploy their people skills. This White Paper explains what Resource Management is, and outlines the ‘Key Best Practices’ PSOs should adopt to optimize their resources and therefore maximize their profitability.

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