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Top reasons why A&E firms are Moving Their Business Systems to the Cloud


Many Architecture & Engineering firms are now investing in business solutions delivered in the cloud rather than having an on-premise installed solution.

A&E firms are now seeing the value in having best practice software solutions that before were renowned for extremely high up-front capex investment which larger firms could afford, but perhaps not SME’s.

How does the cloud differ from on-premise?

Unlike on-premise applications, purchasing cloud solutions allows organisations to account for them as an operating expense rather than a capital expense. This is often more attractive for organisations that prefer a leaner, more flexible balance sheet. In most instances, the initial cost of obtaining cloud solutions is less expensive than acquiring traditional on-premise solutions. Organisations deploying SaaS and cloud solutions avoid large up-front application license fees, and there is no need for them to purchase and maintain servers to run the applications.

And that’s not all. Architecture and Engineering firms are turning to the cloud for a number of other key reasons…

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