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On Demand! Webcast Series: HR in the Cloud – Introduction

HR in the Cloud Webinar


“We don’t talk about systems anymore, it’s all about how we do the work”

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Wash, rinse and repeat! That’s how our paper based processes in HR can be described, processes that take up hours of manager’s time and even more of the HR departments.

Cloud Computing promises benefits in numerous functional areas, but in few has the impact been felt as keenly as in human resources.  Particularly for core “back office’ HR areas such as benefits, time & attendance and systems of record.

For HR, the true value of Cloud Computing goes even further – it can help facilitate organisational transformation by simplifying day-to-day processes, increasing workforce insight and performance and creating greater strategic advantage.

Join Kathryn Gordon as she kicks off this webinar series with an indepth look into Cloud Computing and its impact within the African region.  Each subsequent webinar will focus on key functional areas within Human Resources and unpack how web based technologies can streamline and automate these processes.

Highlights Include:

  • Overview of the cloud systems available in our market
  • Impact cloud systems will have on our current system and infrastructure
  • Functionality housed within these systems
  • Trends in software over the next few years


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