Recruitment in the Cloud

“Why companies who are winning the war for talent are embracing technology to help them be competitive”


Online recruitment is not just about automating the CV collection process to regret unsuitable candidates but creating a company brand that attracts the right talent in the first place. Where your careers link on your home page plays a role, where you advertise is vital and how you manage the entire recruitment process is critical to the success of this branding. To be an employer of choice is where we need to strive towards.

Join Kathryn Gordon on Thursday 22nd of February at 10 AM where she will give us insight into a global Acquisition software tool with a local footprint to understand how powerful such a tool can be for your company.

Some highlights include:

• Demonstration of an Acquisition software tool from vacancy to hire
• Metrics and ROI offered by such a solution
• Points to consider when selecting an Acquisition solution
• Implementation timeframes and methodologies
• Sneak peak as to pricing models used by vendors.



Download Recording Below