Webinar: The State of the Architecture & Engineering Industry

Webinar-The State of the Architecture & Engineering Industry

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In this Webinar, PSMJ’s Dave Burstein presented his data-rich annual address featuring economic data and PSMJ survey data to provide an overview on AEC market conditions. David explains exactly why key client markets are behaving the way they are and what you can do to properly position your AEC firm for the changes ahead.

David’s presentation is a rich analysis of a variety of factors impacting project-based businesses today and represents some of the most comprehensive research that has been conducted in the AE industry.

Topics David covers in his presentation are:

  • Important trends in the economy and AEC Market
  • PSMJ’s outlook on the AEC industry in 2017 and beyond
  • Which AEC markets and submarkets will be up? Which ones will be down?
  • What AEC firms should do to position themselves for success

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