Professional Services Profit Growth

Download the new Whitepaper (below) published by professional services think tank, Service Performance Insight, titled, Accelerate Professional Services Growth and Profit: Why the right PSA solution is critical to firm growth and profitability for insight into business applications that support the specialized requirements of project-based businesses:


The Challenges of Growth & Market Trends Driving the Need for Change

Understand the five prevalent obstacles faced by growing firms, along with key industry trends where having a PSA solution allows top performing firms to manage their business more effectively


Why the Right PSA Solution is Critical to Firm Growth and Profitability

Integrated to provide visibility and collaboration between sales, service delivery and finance


The Benefits of Professional Services Automation

Learn the top five business benefits your firm will recognize as a result of improved automation

According to a new study published by the leading professional services think tank, Service Performance Insight (SPI) which analyzes results from more than 250 management and IT consultancies, the most profitable consulting firms run their business on an integrated professional services automation (PSA) solution.

These firms increased their EBITDA by 6.2 percentage points, improving their profit margins by 56%.

Download Whitepaper here: