Cloud Software for Project Companies

In the 2014 report “Trends and Needs in Engineering”; “winning new business” was deemed to be one of the biggest business issues faced in the industry today.

It’s an understandable viewpoint, after all your firm’s success hinges on its ability to raise the revenue it needs.

The temptation may be to simply throw more resource at your sales department.  But this could be an expensive and time consuming route that may not even yield the kind of results you are after.

Less is more

Is there an alternative? What if it’s possible to win more business by working smarter rather than harder?

Streamlining and automating the sales pipeline as well as improving your visibility and customer service is a great way of increasing revenue fast.

Through storing past, present and financial data all in one place, a project-based enterprise resource planning system has the ability to improve visibility for better decision making and enhance customer service at the touch of a button.

When it comes to winning business, it means more can be achieved for less.

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