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A smarter system that integrates project management, resource planning, CRM, file sharing, forecasting and accounting across all agency operations.

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Not all clients have the same needs. Some are only looking for time sheet software while others want to use WorkBook for all of their business processes. That’s fine – you can choose exactly what modules suit your needs and ONLY pay for what you use.

From CRM to Finance and Accounting…
WorkBook can do it all.

Ogilvy & Mather Case Study

By installing WorkBook, Ogilvy & Mather have achieved:

  • Streamlining of project management and administrative processes
  • Collaboration across their business and less admin time
  • Optimization of resource management
  • Real-time information accessibility
  • Scalable, industry-specific solution to support their growth

Ogilvy & Mather South Africa went live with WorkBook in September 2017. As a part of their change management, Ogilvy & Mather ran an internal WorkBook campaign, that included large posters, news bulletins, extensive process documentation and finally the video here.